TUSBriefing: Highlights from Around Campus and Beyond

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I wanted to point out a few items of note–whose noteworthiness is subject solely to my opinion–that are worth your time amidst all of our busy schedules*:

Florida politician Alex Sink's political ambitions should have nothing to do with her children's actions.

-Nik Milanovic writes a great opinion piece in the Daily on the Kappa Sig listserv controversy. The students who deactivated were completely within their rights to be offended and take the actions they did (and I think deactivation is an appropriate response), but to turn this into an issue that could have political ramifications for the offending students’ parents, among other responses, is pushing it way too far. If my parents were responsible for every bad joke I told, they’d almost certainly be in jail at this point.

-A guest op-ed by Yishai Kabaker ‘10 also in the Daily is positive and thoughtful in regards to the possible issue of divestment (in this case, related to Israel/Palestine). If the possibility of divestment does become any sort of issue on campus, this might be an idea that gains a steady hand and can hopefully deflect what could very easily turn into a religious and ethnic flame war on campus. (See a response op-ed to Kabaker here).

-In an apparent attempt to galvanize some class pride, there will be a “Battle of the Classes” in which students of the four undergraduate classes will compete against each other in various sports (soccer, basketball) and “sports” (chess, corn hole). Not in the competition: beirut. Prediction: the freshman will come out in droves and the other three classes will be participating in napping or beirut.

-Stanford, in all its diversity, apparently has a tea party. I know the media gets a great deal of criticism for devoting far more time to this “party” than it deserves, but I can’t resist asking this question: am I the only one who finds it interesting that every person in this video is white and male?

Just throwing it out there.

*The noteworthiness and subjective value in these items is solely based on the opinion of this post’s author (me), as are the noteworthiness and subjective value of the occasionally snarky commentary.


2 Responses to “TUSBriefing: Highlights from Around Campus and Beyond”

  1. Alex says:

    I can’t seem to draw any interesting conclusions about the fact that all these guys are white. Would you be so kind as to actually “throw out there” what you’re thinking? Or was that broad racially divisive statement all that you came up with?

    If you’re going to make an argument, at least put some thought into the issues instead of hiding behind the same kind of childish statements and misdirections that some Tea Parties resort to when they promote their platform.

  2. Josh says:

    Alex–in my defense, I was not trying to necessarily draw any conclusions from this, and it was merely an observation: given that the Stanford undergrad population is 36% white and 50% male, the probability that of all the people on the video are both (it is less interesting that they are all white and far more interesting that they are all male) is fairly small. Yet that seems to still be the case, which I find, as I noted, to be interesting.

    The maleness/whiteness of the tea party on a national level has been shown multiple times, and the fact that at first glance it seems to carry over to the small Stanford contingent is, well, interesting, especially given the diversity of the school.


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