TUSBriefing: Sadness and Food

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The first two of heads-ups and goings-on that I unilaterally and unequivocally deem important share a common theme: they’re just not uplifting.

Kim was beloved on campus for his unforgettable personality in addition to his culinary mastery.

-Lag Late Night manager Kim Hess–known ubiquitously by his first name–passed away on Sunday unexpectedly at the age of 58. Simply put, it is widely known that Kim was one of the major reasons that Lag Late Night is so much better than Stern Late Night–enough of a reason to inspire many late night aficionados from East Campus to make the long haul out to Lag. The news was announced via Facebook.

-Despite significant progress on the campus Israeli-Palestinian relations front, other news is far more disheartening. At a speech at UCSD, conservative Jewish author David Horowitz responded to a leader of UCSD’s Muslim Student Association by asking whether or not she supported Hezbollah in wanting Jews dead, and she replied in the affirmative. You can watch the video here–it’s about as disconcerting as it gets. At the same time, Peter Beinart at the New York Review of Books writes a fascinating piece on American Jewish liberalism, but prominently mentioned in the piece is an equally disturbing trend: Israeli foreign policy is becoming quickly more inclined to positions that are harsher towards Arabs–a sentiment grounded in stark hatred.

-This is where Monty Python comes into play. Kim will not be forgotten, but Stanford will soon be getting a new food icon: Ike Shehadeh. Ike is the Ike in Ike’s Place–which is so popular in San Francisco that it is–no joke–too noisy for the Castro. After lamenting the lack of good food options on campus, perhaps my complaints were answered–in the form of the delicious-sounding “dirty sauce.”

Disclaimer: The noteworthiness and subjective value in these items is solely based on the opinion of this post’s author (me), as are the noteworthiness and subjective value of the occasionally snarky commentary. Except for mourning Kim–we all agree that he will be missed dearly. That’s a fact.


2 Responses to “TUSBriefing: Sadness and Food”

  1. Mike says:

    As an east campus resident, I am very sad that I did not get to experience both the food and the company of Kim. From what I’ve read and heard he really put his soul into making late night the quintessential college experience that it is.

    On a different note, great mention of the new Ike’s opening on campus! I challenge you to find a better tasting sandwich in the world (honey mustard lovers -> try the “menage a trois”…it tastes as good as it sounds).

  2. Darius says:

    Kim was a legend. I don’t even have the words to describe how much his presence will be missed. It’s a shame that not everyone got to spend even a few minutes with Kim while he was still with us.


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