TUSGraph: “Worst to First”

Posted by at 1:51AM

Congratulations to Men’s Volleyball for bringing home Stanford’s first National Championship of the year!  The victory was not only a fantastic athletic display for a full Maples Pavillion, but also a remarkable ‘come-back’ story, as the team went 3-25 only three years ago.

I took the liberty of analyzing their astonishing improvement.  Assuming the win rate was growing at an exponentially decaying rate (so it reaches 1 at year infinity), I used my predictive equation (R^2 = .9442) to estimate that the team will win almost 88% of its games next year.  The kills per set prediction was easier, as the previous four years have seen an extremely linear increase in kills per set (R^2 = .9992).  Using this linear fit, I predict the team will get 17.3 kills per set next season.

I hope the graph shows the wonderful work of John Kosty, head coach since 2007.  I find it impossible to believe the dramatic improvement wasn’t mostly due to his changes.  Congratulations again to the team.  Thanks for making it so easy to root for Stanford athletics.



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