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(For the original article, plus songs and free downloads, check out Stanford-based treeswingers)

Yeasayer, Brooklyn-based phenomenon, is hitting Stanford’s FloMo Field at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Yes, coming to Stanford, even though last month they were playing Coachella. No big deal.

So, okay, let’s say you know nothing about them (if so, just know: the name’s pronounced “YAY-say-er”), and are curious: What’s the big fuss?

If you have to ask yourself that question, set aside twenty minutes in your schedule to at least give them a listen. It’s not just the sneaky musicianship they throw into their music without you even noticing, it’s the effortless blend of melody and ambiance, with enough synth and handclap to straddle the distant feel of electronic and the grounded nature of indie pop.

“O.N.E.,” for instance: weird name, but lyrics that tug somewhere we’ve all been–“No, you don’t move me anymore / And I’m glad that you don’t”–not to mention its infectious riffs and irrepressible attitude. It’s definitely a gem on what was a very highly anticipated sophomore album, Odd Blood, riding on the success of its 2007 predecessor, All Hour Cymbals. And “2080,” whose chanted lyrics and haunting vocals channel just enough mystery to keep it intriguing, contrasts nicely with the chipper turn of “O.N.E.”

For good measure, we’ve also added “Tightrope” into the mix (a track that Yeasayer threw into the Dark Was the Night indie compilation monster released last year) as well as a “O.N.E.” remix for a little eardrum titillation.

Get ready for tomorrow’s concert, and be sure to thank Stanford Concert Network for bringing the band to campus. Good work, guys — we can’t wait to see a field that usually houses messy games of sloshball (and that one family of rabbits) serve as a stage for such a promising act.


(For the original article, plus songs and free downloads, check out Stanford-based treeswingers)



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