Mourning 24 and LOST: The 5 Stages

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As you know, LOST and 24 came to an end a little over a week ago.  And if you didn’t know, you need to go to Green and rent all the seasons of these shows and catch up.  I’ve been a huge fan of both these shows, and to have both of them come to an end in a span of 24 hours was a lot for me to take in.  (mildest of mild spoilers ahead, but you’ve been warned)

The question is…now what?  Well, we go through our five stages of grief.  You may have already gone through these, or be currently going through this, but I’m just here to help you understand the process.  I’ve been reading “the cut” lately, so this will be in the form of multiple lessons. Let’s begin.


Don’t: Pretend it’s not over by clinging to the “But There’s a 24 Movie!” /”There’s a 20 minute epilogue on the LOST DVD!”  mentality.  Let’s be real.  The 24 movie probably won’t be here until 2012..if it happens. (Google the Arrested Development movie)  And the LOST epilogue isn’t going to answer any questions or make the ending involving the sideways story any different.  It’s only 12 minutes. 

Do: Buy yourself exactly 12 Mrs. Fields cookies, secretly eat them all, and feel better.


Don’t: Express your anger in the form of a character from your favorite show.  I don’t know how many times I’ve shouted “Dammit!” This past week, but it’s been way too many.  I recognize my behavior, and that’s the first step.

Don’t: Make Jack-faces. Chloe pouts are fine.


Do: Behave like a child. LOST and 24 only end once, so make it count.  I have a theory that  Chris Pronger was a fan of LOST or 24 & that’s why he stole the pucks after losing the first two games of the Stanley cup finals.  He wasn’t upset about losing the first two games, he wanted Kate and Sawyer to be together. 

Also, I think that’s why Ron Artest took that open three in game 5 against Phoenix.


Don’t:  Break up wth your wife Tipper.  It’s not her fault.  Unless she watches Glee.  In which case, it is her fault.  That’s unacceptable.

Do:  Keep checking your favorite fansites for “just a few more answers.”  A lot of people think a lot harder about these things than you do.  It won’t bring back the show, but being able to fill in a few more blanks is satisfying.


Don’t: Stop doing things you’re supposed to do.  I may have went to one class between this week last.  I’m pretty sure it was one.  And I’m pretty sure it’ll come back to bite me.  But I was just like, fuck it, there’s no LOST, what’s the point? 

Don’t: Grow a Jack beard.

Do: Use other shows to distract you.  What got me through this ordeal was the fact that “The Hills” is back on the air…AND…Heidi is breaking up with Spencer.  That means me and her are finally going to get married.  (just you wait) 

Do: Watch at least one episode of Wipeout.  The premise is simple: People get slapped by padded obstacles and fall into water.  I can’t even explain how funny and satisfying it is to watch other people struggle. Then again, maybe I’m just a terrible person. You be the judge.

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Do: Remember all the good times, the excitement, and generally how much these shows rocked.  Monday or Wednesday nights with friends. The parodies.  The endless theorizing, the community.  The search for spoilers.  The excitement during an episode, and the anticipation for next weeks episode.  Honestly, even if I didn’t like the way LOST ended, (which I did) I wouldn’t let that spoil how much I loved the show — during the year I would literally gauge my weeks by LOST day to LOST day. (So Saturday was my hump day.)  And most importantly, buy the DVDs and watch them again.  Better yet, watch them again with a friend who hasn’t seen them at all. 

Well enough from me.   How did you guys feel about either or both of these series?  Their endings? The characters? Recommending any new shows? Interesting cures for Post-LOST/24 depression?


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    They should make a Jack Bauer sequel starring Ron Artest called 24 Second Clock. Except that given that shot he took, the entire show would be over by the first episode. But then he comes back in the season finale when Kobe shoots an airball…


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