Stanford Unicycle Basketball Documentary (watch here)

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Unicycle basketball is pretty much what you think it is: basketball, played on unicycles. Think Lebron James, but instead of losing in the playoffs he is riding a unicycle.

Connor Hanten and Janessa Nickell made this 5-min documentary for FilmProd 114: Intro to Film and Video Production about Stanford’s nascent team and includes footage of their matchup against Cal during Big Game week this year.

If you were ever wondering what the person always churning out the popular TUSGraphs on the site looked like, look no further: that’s TUSB’s own Charlie Dunn giving an Oscar-worthy performance as himself.


One Response to “Stanford Unicycle Basketball Documentary (watch here)”

  1. Simon says:

    Wow this looks like an old Original Nintendo Game that came to life. I think there was a Super NES game all about unicycling, but this is just awesome! Thanks for sharing. Ill have to ad this to my site


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