Mike Liu: I Know What You Did This Summer

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“I Know What You Did This Summer” take 3.  As usual, we’re looking for people to interview, so find us at stanfordblogging@gmail.com if you’re interested. This round, we actually have one of our TUSB staffers on the hot seat.

Mike Liu

Mike Liu

Mike's real job is just to soak up the sunlight.

Question One: Who are you?
I’m Michael Liu, a rising sophomore thinking about majoring in MS&E or IR with a minor in Chinese.

Question Two: What are you doing this summer?

I’m working at the awesome Sunlight Foundation, a think tank and tech non-profit dedicated to improving government transparency and accountability. I’m an intern with the communications and policy divisions.

Question Three: So what do you actually do?

A whole bunch of stuff! You’ll usually find me at my desk either reading news and archiving our press mentions or researching state and national transparency efforts. I might also be on the Hill attending a government transparency event or learning Python from one of the developers here at the office.

Question Four: Other than work, what are you doing?

Right now I’m enjoying our nation’s humid yet awe-inspiring capital, visiting museums and national landmarks in between squash games with Barack. I’m also going skydiving in a few weeks!

Question Five: Cream cheese or dinosaurs?

Both. I’d love to walk through Jurassic Park eating a bagel.

Thanks Mike!



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