RJ Walsh: I Know What You Did This Summer

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We’re back for our 2nd installment of “I Know What You Did This Summer.” Email us at stanfordblogging@gmail.com if you’re interested in being interviewed. Until then, let’s hear what our next interviewee has to say:

RJ Walsh

Excellent use of flash here.

Question One: Who are you?

I’m RJ Walsh, a rising senior studying computer science.

Question Two: What are you doing this summer?

I’m an associate product manager intern at Google, so I define product features and functionality, determine what it’s going to look like, evangelize it within the company, and make sure it actually gets implemented.

Question Three: So what do you actually do?

It’s a lot of emailing checking and meeting with people, making sure the whole team is in sync and stuff is happening. So far, I’ve been doing a lot of design research, such as investigating other competitors and specing out features.

Question Four: Other than work, what are you doing?

Um, section leading CS106A, working on random projects, and generally causing mischief.

Question Five: Cream cheese or dinosaurs?

Oh boy. I saw this one, and I should’ve been prepared. I’m not a cream cheese fan; I don’t think I’ve ever been a cream cheese fan, so it’s got to be dinosaurs.

Thanks RJ!



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