TUSB’s 2010 Fall Course Guide: Serenity Now!

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School is nigh, which means that indecision about classes is also nigh. We at The Unofficial Stanford Blog, however, want to help you out: we’ve selected some of the most highly recommended and some of the most-ludicrous sounding classes for our quarterly course guide. Add anything to the comments that we missed–your feedback is greatly appreciated. [Also check out past installments of our Course Guides here.] Without further ado:

What's with the quarter system? There's only three of them!

Listen up, MoPhos!
Music 220A: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
MoPho, by the way, is Stanford’s mobile phone orchestra, in which everyone’s instrument is their iPhone.

Nostalgia for Anyone Who Lives Outside of California
CEE 63: Weather and Storms
Our resident meteorology geek gave this class a review of “awesome.”

Wherein People Do Not Frown Upon Drinking in Class
FRENLANG 60D: French Viticulture (Also known as: Wine Tasting)
You probably didn’t get into this class this quarter. Try next quarter.

If You Want to Actually Think About Deep Moral Questions and How They Relate To Our Lives (not that Wine Tasting isn’t, though)
SURG 150: Principles and Practice of International Medical Humanitarianism in Surgery
The course description states, “Summer internship opportunities for international health service with subsidized travel for top students.” Also, it sounds really interesting.

ETHICSOC 177M: Human Rights & Moral Questions

ETHICSOC 10: Ethics in Theory and Practice (also known as Ethics@Noon)
A 1-unit weekly ethics speaker series.

Just Dance, It’ll Be Ok
DANCE 46: Social Dances of North America I (Also known as: Social Dance I)

Wherein People Do Not Frown Upon Watching Toy Story in Class
FILMPROD 105: Script Analysis
Learn about film structure, and beyond!

I Hope The Lectures Are Televised
FILMSTUD 7: Intro to Television Studies
If Arrested Development and Seinfeld aren’t on the Syllabus, this class is not worth it.

Well, This is Relevant
POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations in Iran

POLISCI 125S: Chicano/Latino Politics

HISTORY 47: History of South Africa
The World Cup lives on!

Learn About Jerry Brown…Twice
HISTORY 61S: California Politics since the 1960s.
Or you can just read these three posts I wrote about California politics.

In this IntroSem, the people are two separate yet equally important groups: the professors, who investigate crime; and the students, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

Duh Duh Duh
POLISCI 24Q: Law and Order (Sophomore Introsem)
That is the sound of Law and Order.

POLISCI 3P: Justice
This doesn’t have a sound, but people really like the class.

Maps: They Don’t Love You Like I Love You
HISTORY 106A: Global Human Geography
A number of different sources have highly, highly recommended this class.

What’s the Deal with this Class?
AMSTUD 140: Stand Up Comedy and the Great American Joke Since 1945
This is the first time I’ve ever seen “Sarah Silverman” and “minstrelsy” both appear in the same course description.

A Little Self-Exploration
ARTSTUDI 14: Drawing the Imaginative Figure: Characters, Alter-Egos, Avatars, and You

The Class Material Sounds a Lot Like a Casserole
ARTSTUDI 10: Contemporary Art Practices: Public Art, Territories, and the Politics of Food
I really have no idea how class topics relate to each other, but it’s probably awesome.

This is Good, Since I Hate Modernism
ENGLISH 154B: Everything But Modernism: Low to Middling Genres
I can only hope this class is not low to middling.



2 Responses to “TUSB’s 2010 Fall Course Guide: Serenity Now!”

  1. kevin says:

    Josh, I believe the proper way to parody Mr. Seinfeld is “What’s the deal with the quarter system?”

  2. Prof. Russo says:

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my Intro to TV class! The syllabus will be up by tomorrow at the course website. I will consider the matter of Arrested Development and Seinfeld.


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