Danger: Stanford police using undercover cars to harass bikers.

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We all know how the po-pos around campus love to give tickets to bikers for having headphones in, or for not stopping at stop signs, or basically for breathing.* Well, they’ve stepped up their game. Now they’re using unmarked cars. The photo above was taken at about 1:15 today. Watch out for the car in the photo above. It’s a greyish/silverish/brownish sort of Ford sedan, with license plate 5XJC360, and it’s the man. I don’t know if they have any other unmarked cars, but if I see any more, I’ll publish photos of them too, because, well, I really don’t like cops.

* A friend of mine who is a serious biker once got a ticket in Woodside for stopping, but not putting his foot all the way down. This is what happens when horrible suburban communities have too much money on their hands.


3 Responses to “Danger: Stanford police using undercover cars to harass bikers.”

  1. David says:

    Danger: spoiled students think they can do whatever they want even if illegal or unsafe to drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians, and then go whine to the world when they get caught.

  2. David is a douche says:

    David is probably the cop that gave out the sketchy ticket in question.

  3. Drew says:

    They do it because believe it or not Stanford students are some of the dumbest people while on bikes. There have been many serious and somefatal accidents on the campus simply because bikers rarely stop at stop signs. And even if you do get a ticket you go to their bike education program for an hr and you don’t have to pay a fine.


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