The Most Brilliant Song of All Time

Posted by at 10:41AM

That’s right, I said it. I’m talking about a song unlike any other, with a brilliance that emanates through the inanity, drudgery, and corporate values of everyday life. A group whose lyricism is only overshadowed by the thought-provoking confusion of the musical interactions behind the lyrics. A beat that makes even Elaine Benes stanky leg with the best of them.

What piece of musical genius could be worthy of this high praise? That’s right–I’m talking about The Combination.

Why, you ask, do I bring this up? Das Racist, the creative genius behind the song*, is coming to EBF Happy Hour (or should I say the combination EBF and Happy Hour?) tonight. I may never be this close to pure genius ever again.

The combination cigarette and nasal blockage.

I can only hope that they are here to lecture about the meaning of life.

Details: EBF; 11:15pm; SUID mandatory; 21+ to combine concert with alcohol.

*The song, written by Das Racist (the second-worst band name of all time), became popular when remixed by Wallpaper (the worst band name of all time). Does the group have any other songs? I honestly have no idea. I want them to just play Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell over and over again.



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