Willys DeVoll: I Know What You Did This Summer

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We (or at least me) here at TUSB can be somewhat self-centered and have grand ideas about the importance of our own work. Just like how psychology researchers will study how psychology research is done, bloggers enjoy writing about bloggers.

All of this is to say that we have a special edition of IKWYDTS today, meaning 60% more questions.

Willys DeVoll


Just before this picture was taken, Willys saw a unicorn off to the right of the camera

Question One: Who are you?

Iʼm Willys DeVoll, a rising sophomore majoring in English and philosophy.

Question Two: What are you doing this summer?

I am building The Daily Axe, which is a new site for Stanford sports news and commentary.

Question Three: So what do you actually do?

Writing, scouring the Internet for interesting story leads, assembling a staff, fiddling with code, and contacting media and athletics personnel.

Question Four: Other than work, what are you doing?

Being a 19-year-old guy, which consists primarily of playing pick-up basketball and aimlessly driving around with friends looking for cheap food and things to do.

Question Five: Cream cheese or dinosaurs?

Cream cheese. Dinosaurs donʼt improve my mornings; bagels do.

Question Six: Give us the 30 second gestalt about what The Daily Axe is.

The Daily Axe is the kind of sports site that Stanford fans and college students will want to read and scroll through endlessly at 3 AM. So itʼs not just scores and stats and boring press releases. Itʼs the other contributors and I honestly discussing Stanford sports with the written word, images, video, and podcasts.

Question Seven: What was your motivation for starting this?

I love sports, I love talking about sports, and I thought that I could improve upon the web coverage of Card sports last year. After big games I just was not satisfied with what I could read about Stanford sports and I thought, “I can do better.”

Question Eight: What can we expect from The Daily Axe moving forward?

As much of a realization of the above 30-second gestalt as I can muster. Iʼm hoping that in the very near future, every sports fan on the Farm will check The Daily Axe before going to bed every night and will read it during IHum and similarly interminable lectures.

Thanks Willys!

I’m going to throw in a personal pitch for The Daily Axe here as well. I picked up the feed for it a week or so ago and haven’t looked back. Stanford sports is as exciting as ever, and The Daily Axe should generate some good buzz through the football season.


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