Alternative Spring Break

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In what just might be the start of a tradition, I think I’m going to make another list-based post.  So here are the cool things that you should know about Alternative Spring Break.

  • Applications are due before midnight on November 1st.
  • They’re aimed at exploring cultural and social issues in a very hands-on way.  Most have a heavy community-service component, although some do more than others.

    One of this year's ASB trips

  • There are 17 different programs (according to the ASB website)  that allow you to stay in the Bay or travel to places like New York and Washington D.C.
  • It’s one of the busiest weeks of your life.  You fit in more than you could ever think possible in one week, and you learn a lot.  Taking the one-unit, winter quarter class beforehand is totally worth it when you go to visually see the issues you have learned about.
  • You get to meet people who have dedicated their lives to social activism.  Which can cause you to rethink your priorities.  We’re talking life-changing.
  • You spend the week with other students who are really invested in the cause, just like you are.  Which lends itself to great late night discussions about what you’ve seen that day.  Everyone has their own point-of-view to bring to the table, and you really learn a lot from the backgrounds of the other people in the group.

    Last year's sexy-looking Asian American Issues ASB group

  • You make great friends.  Everyone I talk to has said ASB is a BLAST!  A lot of people continue have reunions with their groups way after the fact, just because they love their groups that much.
  • It’s student led.  So there aren’t any barriers in group discussions.   And as a group of students, you see the changes that needed to be made, and the role our generation needs to take on to get involved.

I know I got all “you can make a difference” towards the end, but the truth is that ASB is overall a FUN experience that is a great service opportunity.  You’ll remember it for the rest of your lives!

If you’re interested at all, check the facebook group.

Also, special thanks to the wonderful Kelsey Dang for her testimonial and awesome knowledge.  Also for the picture.



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