Inventions for Stanford Students

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Bike safety:

Because God forbid anyone just wore a helmet to protect all that knowledge up there. In case of an accident, a helmet might protect what you remember from that foreign language you took in high school:

“Un sac à dos intelligent et signalant par des LED les directions prises par le cycliste : gauche ou droite. Conçu par Lee Myung Su Design Lab et intitulé “Seil Bag”, ce projet a remporté le prix du Design Concept au Red Dot Awards 2010. Explications et vidéo dans la suite de l’article.”

Earthquake safety:

This one is a bit ridiculous. It might calm the nerves of some, knowing they could rush to any doorway during an earthquake.

“In anticipation of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake possibly hitting the city of Istanbul by 2030, an MA design student named Younghwa Lee from Kingston’s University has designed a special kind of door that protects residents from falling quake debris. Designed to ensure safety and reduce injury or death, the door folds horizontally in the middle, while the bottom part remains braced against the floor for support. This allows the door to sit in an angle when the earthquake strikes while the person takes shelter under the fold.”

Nap safety:

For that nap after the all nighter, where if you oversleep, you’ll miss the deadline to turn in the pset you were up all night working on.

“An original project of the South Korean designer Seung Jun Jeong with this pillow replacing the alarm and the alarm clock of the morning. Indeed, it is equipped with a starting vibrator in a progressive way at the time raising it day, according to the programming of the user. Explanations in the continuation.”

Season safety:

Without these, no one knows what season it is around here.


2 Responses to “Inventions for Stanford Students”

  1. Josh says:

    Another version of this I remember from a few years ago, for those who don’t want to bring a backpack–

  2. Patrick says:

    I could really use that pillow. I hate waking to my iphone


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