Midterm Week is Gnarly.

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If you’re anything like me, all of your classes seem to be hitting midterms at the same time.  Here’s my list of the 10 things I use to survive the week.  In no particular order:

1.)  2-Minute Dance Parties!!! This one only really works if you are in your room or if you have no shame.  I wouldn’t mind

Imagine seeing this girl in south stacks. I bet she gets straight A's.

dancing in public, but if that’s not your thing go ahead and skip this one.  Seriously try it!  After two minutes of shaking your groove thing, you feel refreshed, happier, and your brain doesn’t feel so fried.

2.) Naps. I know you’ve probably already discovered the power of a good nap, but I can’t get over it.  Even just a 20 minute nap can be enough to get me going again.  Especially if you’ve been burning the midnight oil, this one seems to work wonders for me.

3.) Late Nite. I don’t feel the need to explain this one.

4.)  Study Groups. Besides the fact that it forces me to study, it forces me to study in different ways than I am used to.  I either have to explain what I’m doing to someone else or have someone with a different way of thinking than the professor explain how to do something.  Either way, you’re bound to retain a little more with this one.

5.)  Call that friend. You know, the one who you talk to about everything you have to do and about how stressed you are and they respond by encouraging and getting you pumped up again.  It could be mom, sister, roommate, best friend from home or really anyone who’s willing to listen.  There’s just something about telling someone all of your problems that makes you feel like you can somehow solve them.

6.)  Physical Activity. It seems like you don’t have time, but you really do.  A 5 minute walk will do wonders for your energy level and attention span.  I promise.

7.) Bring a candy bar into the test. I picked this one up from a friend and I love it.  When I’m staring at a question that seems to be laughing at me, I really do grab a twix just like the commercial this was based on.

8.) Write (or read) something non-academic. Like a blog post.  Or a journal entry.  Or a note to your roommate.  Or a list of reasons you are awesome.  I know it sounds conceited, but these things get lost somewhere between null space and post-impressionism.

9.) Sing in the shower. It’s a great way to blow off steam (Bad pun intended).  I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the entire third floor of Crothers Memorial.

10.)  Sporcle. I have to confess it’s my guilty pleasure, but it is so fun, so distracting, and you don’t lose to many brain cells from it either.  Try starting a quiz at the same time as someone else in a sporcle race.

Can you tell I like lists?  Or bad puns?  Or that I put the “pro” in procrastination?

So what do yo do to survive the crazy of week 5?


One Response to “Midterm Week is Gnarly.”

  1. kevin says:

    Oh, don’t tempt me with Sporcle. One or two quizzes has turned into a few hours of my life missing. Huge caution to all: it’s ridiculously addictive.


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