Night at the Museum

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A few things I learned/found interesting about Cantor’s Party on the Edge last night:

1.)  It’s NOT just for Freshman  When I told some friends I was going, they asked why I was going to a Freshman event.  When I got there I saw familiar faces from all four classes as well as some graduated students and some friends who aren’t even students.  Plus, sophomores through PhD candidates were represented in the Arts Grant exhibit.

2.) The Arts Grant Program gives away free money.  Well there is an application, but still it’s pretty cool.  The purpose of the event was to showcase 17 artists and grant recipients who were busy … creating this last summer.  Recipients ranged from painters to engineers to dancers and beyond.  Screenings and performances were held in the auditorium while the exhibits were in Cantor Courtyard.

3.)The theme this year was “Stanford through the Looking Glass”  which was a reference of course to Lewis Carroll’s novel.  It went off of the “fairy-tale” and sometimes mythical setting of Stanford campus, and I liked it.  Although the themes was only really seen in one of the displays and in the program, I liked the concept of a Stanford point-of-view despite the fact that many of the artists found their inspiration across the globe.  The theme was inspired by Ariana Klobitz’s exhibit of the same name.  Here is a shot of part of the exhibit:

4.) Stanford students like to dress up and mingle even without alcohol.  I saw more high heeled shoes, high-waisted skirts, and neckties than I’ve seen at any other event (except formal dances).  The event was bustling at the beginning, and died out a little towards the end, but there were still a good amount of people there.  Free food didn’t hurt of course.

5.) The little kid in me still likes to try and touch everything.  Lucky for me, this interactive exhibit called “Visual Windchime” by Jimmy Chion, Jason Chua, and Kiran Malladi was made just for that:

As you probably can’t tell from the picture, the lights hanging inside there lit up as you hit them.  Pretty cool to me.

All in all a good night, and an interesting exploration into the artistic talent of Stanford Students.



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