Roble Package Center

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The Roble Package Center is a great idea.  I’m not disputing that in any way shape or form.  Who wants a sketchy UPS or FedEx man (or an even sketchier man dressed as either of these) wandering through their dorm and potentially stealing things/creeping on attractive Stanford students?  Probably (and maybe hopefully) not very many people.

If you’re like me, you think of the Roble Package Center as a cute little building or even just a room where the people greet you with a smile and packages are ready and waiting to be picked up.

You and I are WRONG my friend.

The following is the experience I had with the Roble Package Center.

After waiting about three days past when a package was supposed to be delivered, I decided to just go over to the package center and see if they had heard anything about my HP ink (free next-day delivery anyone?).  When I found my way to the back of Roble, I discovered that this “center” was nothing more than four burly man standing at the back of a box truck.  Here’s the dialogue:

Me: I don’t know where I am.

Package Man*:  Are you looking for the package center?

Me: Yeah. I am.

Package Man:  We are the package center.  What’s your name?

Me: Genevieve.

Package Man: *without checking anything* There’s no package here for you.

Me: Are you sure?

Package Man: Yep.  What service was it supposed to be delivered through?

Me: FedEx I think.

Package Man: FedEx packages are delivered to FedEx/Kinko’s on the second floor of Tresidder.

Me: Oh.  Thank You.

I realize that this was my fault for only skimming through the multiple emails about this new package delivery system, but I am still shocked.  Eventually I did receive my ink (although I am bitter that they never sent me an email to go pick it up), but does anyone else think it’s crazy that four men in a box truck in the back of a residence hall can qualify as a center?

While I am glad Stanford is making an effort to secure our safety through this change, I also am disappointed with the very unorganized effort they made.  Hopefully a more secure system can be implemented later on.

*I realize that “Package Man” is a terrible, terrible name to use to refer to the man of this story.



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