This Week in Stanford 10/16/10-10/23/10

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  • Tweaktown reports on a study from Stanford that cell phones are dirty, far dirtier than the toilet flush handle. Think twice about who you ask to borrow a phone from
  • bleacher report has a slideshow about Stanford football’s current season. Not a lot of content, but it’s kind of a nice format
  • A psychology study here at Stanford demonstrated that those who thought that willpower was a limited resource to be drained tend to do worse on concentration tasks. Oddly, they did the study on Stanford students, and I’m surprised that our egos let us believe that we are limited in any way
  • The Scope blog out of the Stanford School of Medicine grabbed a quote on video games improving concentration and short-term memory. If medical is your thing, definitely follow this blog
  • Professor Deborah Gordon has an essay in the Boston Review about what ant colonies can tell us about self-organized societies.
  • Google will be bringing fiber optics to Stanford residences. Err, not student residences; faculty and staff residences just south of campus. What are faculty doing that they need bandwidth like this anyways?
  • New Pac-12 divisions have been drawn up, and the Chronicle has a bit on the effect on Stanford and Cal
  • NewScientist reports on work by Andres Moreno about the effect of climate change on human evolution

Looking at that list, I think I’m seeing my bias in the sorts of stories that get reported. Email me at for any tips on articles or any Stanford blogs you see good posts on!



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