This Week in Stanford 10/9/10-10/15/10

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Another week, and Stanford is still everywhere:

  • The New York Times reports that Google has autonomous (computer-driven) cars, and they have had them for awhile, driving them around California. Not only is this ridiculous, it came from work by Sebastian Thrun, CS professor at Stanford, who did similar work in the DARPA Grand Challenge
  • Derrick Bolton, director of admissions for the GSB, was interviewed about the current admissions process. The article does quite a job dehumanizing him by making him seem unhelpful and not even putting up a picture of him
  • Condi has a memoir out, which the USA Today discusses along with some general biographical details
  • Professor Nicholas Melosh has a patent application in for PETE, a new idea for solar power using energy from both the sunlight and the heat. Or something cool like that
  • Researchers here have found that images of loved ones can apparently reduce the amount of pain that people feel. So, remember pictures of your family when you go to IHUM lecture
  • The SF chronicle has a bit on a report from the Center of American Progress about energy companies funding research at universities, including Stanford, and influencing the research goals.


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