This Week in Stanford 9/25/10-10/1/10

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For those of you who don’t regularly check all of the other blogs on our blogroll, we certainly recommend you do. As self-obsessed as some of us here at TUSB are, we also like to check in with other blogs and news around the interwebs, especially for Stanford-related news. To highlight some of that, we’re starting a weekly round-up of some of our favorite links, being Bay Area news, quotes from Stanford affiliates, or just posts from our favorite Stanford blogs. Feel free to send along any recommendations or additions to our blogroll.

  • Cal is still hurting from budget cuts, this time coming in athletics programs being bumped down from varsity to club level
  • Karl Deisseroth and his lab is doing work in optogenetics to control neural activity using light through gene manipulation to trigger muscle movement. You think it sounds cool? It’s seriously 10 times cooler than that
  • Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports credits Jim Harbaugh with giving Stanford football an attitude. I heard Jim Harbaugh responded by violent pulling off his headseat and looking angry
  • The guys at the Daily Axe have a few comments on and for the Ducks. Click through for a better punchline than I could come up with
  • The problems with the San Bruno gas pipeline are described as “catastrophic”. The outlook on the rest of the country’s infrastructure is pretty grim
  • Sam, a postdoc researcher here at Stanford, blogged at Everyday Scientist about letters from Francis Crick that have been found. Yet more evidence that research back then wasn’t all rainbows, hearts, and helixes


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