Where the Air is Fresh and Sweet

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Sunset from the Chi Theta Chi roof.

One of the best ways to see Stanford is from above. Whether to tan, scope out the passers-by, or escape from the hubbub of classes and responsibility, Stanford rooftops are the ultimate vantage points for relaxation and reflection. The world is simpler on terra-cotta and tile, and the clarity we attain there lends a little value to the things we do below. If you haven’t been able to explore the upper reaches of our campus, get to it while the sunsets are still after six.

Top Five Rooftops:

5. The Quad, especially the Psych and Bio buildings.

4. Stern Hall. Most of the stairwell doors are unlocked from the outside, so a wire hanger usually does the trick.

3. Phi Psi. Best vistas of the lower row.

2. Chi Theta Chi (XOX). The experience only begins with the view.

1. No way, man. Gotta find your own.


3 Responses to “Where the Air is Fresh and Sweet”

  1. Josh says:

    Yeah dude.
    The roof is dope.


  2. Luke says:

    great article, and I approve full-heartedly of the list. My favorite roof is supposedly off-limits, but, nonetheless, there will definitely be a scaling attempt soon. Rooves 4 life!

  3. Mark Zimmerman says:

    We’re not part of the Stanford community, we are studying the benefits of “green” roofing. Every piece of input is valuable. I like your concept of focusing on the relaxation aspect of roofing projects.

    Thanks for sharing


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