Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff?

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…Especially when that free stuff will help keep you sniffle- and fever-free.  Vaden Health Center is now offering free, yes, FREE, flu vaccines.  Get one.  Now.  Here’s what you do:

1. Print and fill out two forms from Vaden’s website

2. Go to Vaden between 3pm-6pm any Monday from now until Dec. 13

3. Get free flu shot and and project yo’ bod

Or for those of you who like to live life on the edge, get your free flu shot from a medical student!  Just go to these places on these dates and get your vaccine from 6:00pm-8:00pm:

I promise your nurse will look just like this. I cannot say the same for the needle. Get one (a flu shot that is). Now.

October 13 Wilbur dining hall

October 20 Lagunita dining hall

October 27 Graduate Community Center

November 3 Wilbur dining hall

November 10 Lagunita dining hall

November 17 Graduate Community Center

*And a message for all you “Oh, I don’t get flu shots.  My body is impervious to disease” kids out there:  Get one.  Now.  You may be superman, but your virus-laden body now filled with impressive disease-fighting antibodies that keep you from experiencing so much as an “achoo” can still infect others.

*And if you are now thinking, “Well that’s their fault – they should have gotten the vaccine,” 1) you are heartless and 2) certain people cannot receive the flu vaccine, like some pregnant women and those with severe egg allergies.  So get your flu shot.  Now.  And if some pissed-off pregnant woman comes banging on your door, don’t say I didn’t warn you (unless she’s pissed off for some other reason, in which case, you are still on your own).



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