5-Sure: A Fail of Epicly Unsafe Proportions

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We were quite unsure about 5-Sure after that night...We all know you (yes, you) use 5-Sure for the little, unimportant things. A ride home from the gym because, hey, you just worked out and you deserve a leisurely ride back to the dorm. A pick-up from the library because it’s raining outside and you don’t want the computer to get wet. And so on. In these cases, the drivers at 5-Sure offer their services, albeit sometimes with a certain amount of chagrin when they are taken advantage of by lazy students. So, if they deliver for these trivial student needs, don’t you agree they should also be there when it really matters? Well, as I just experienced tonight, they were shockingly very . . . not.

So, here’s the backstory: I have an observational astronomy lab every Tuesday night from 8:00 – 11:30 pm at the Stanford Observatory (a place way on the freaking south side of campus, by that far-off-yonder golf course of ours). Come 11:30 pm, my friend and I were suddenly stranded many miles away from our dorm, alone, in the very dark and cold night, due to an unfortunate lack of a ride back. After an initial moment of panic, an idea came- Hey! Let’s call 5-Sure! I mean, it’s within their hours of operation, we are on the Stanford campus, and we sure as heck feel unsafe walking the long dark and deserted roads back home. Cue my friend dialing 5-Sure, begging for a ride – and hearing a faint voice in the background saying “I don’t want to drive that far”. My friend proceeded to be told by a girl in an authoritative voice that “We don’t do pick-ups as far as the observatory”. Apparently, it didn’t matter that the Stanford Observatory was in fact on the Stanford campus – it was too far to drive to. No, 5-Sure. It’s too far to WALK from there. And that’s what we would be forced to do.

Let me quote directly from their website:

Our Promise:
We strive to provide safe, efficient and comfortable security escorts to all of the Stanford community. So next time you call 5-Sure, help us by being ready for your pickup. Keep an eye out for our green lights, our golf carts will be there waiting for you.

Okay. Read the above statement. And let me point out how obviously they did not follow through on their promise tonight. I’m sorry, but an organization committed to providing a safe campus environment should not leave two girls stranded miles away from their dorms at 11:30 at night. A Tuesday night when they most likely have no other clients anyway. Now, I’m sure that 5-Sure is an awesome service most of the time. They have an admirable mission statement and are a very good resource for Stanford students. I just wish they could follow through on that mission statement when people really need it. So, consider this my message to the people of 5-Sure: you guys are awesome. But please don’t ever leave fellow students miles away from their dorms at night – it’s just not okay.


2 Responses to “5-Sure: A Fail of Epicly Unsafe Proportions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Although it’s unfortunate that you had to walk back, if you check the 5sure website you’ll see that the observatory is not within 5sure’s range of service.
    Maybe the employees could have / should have made an exception if you felt particularly unsafe, but just saying…it wasn’t technically a 5sure fail.

  2. Anonymous2 says:

    ^Thank you person. Also, if you actually worked for 5-SURE instead of whatever selfish techie job that you do, then you probably wouldn’t have anything to say at all.


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