Big Game 2010: A Victory in Photos

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Big Game 2010 was absolutely glorious.  From the not-actually-that-bad weather, to the epic LSJUMB costumes, to – oh, yeah – our domination of Cal, Big Game consisted of epic Stanford supremacy from start to finish.

Hopefully you cheered alongside me through rain and shine (and touchdown after touchdown after touchdown).  If not, however, don’t worry: here are my top picks of priceless Stanford moments, as accompanied by Big Game photos taken by yours truly.

Check it out.  And congratulations to Coach Harbaugh, Andrew Luck, and the men of Stanford Football for rocking the field yesterday.  Your hard work has paid off.  The Axe is OURS!!

Notable Big Game Moments:

deadmau5, baby

  • Invasion of the deadmice:  MAJOR props to the Band for incredible costumes.  With deadmice and Mexican wrestlers and Elmos (oh, my!), LSJUMB was, yet again, a big, happy, goofy swarm that contrasted beautifully with Cal’s stodgy stovepipe slacks and (budget-cut induced?) mini-capes.  And drum major Garrett Schlesinger and the Dollies looked super classy.  You rock that, Zeus.

  • Andrew Luck’s amazing rush:  all I can say is “Heis-man, Heis-man, Heis-man….”   Watch the video here and have your mind blown.
  • Cal shakes its groove thing:  I haven’t decided whether to label Cal’s hip hop routines as cute or incredibly awkward.  Taio Cruz in capes?  Hm.  There seems to be some anachronism here….

Oompa, Loompa, doopity-doo....

  • Cal “touchdown of the game”:  during the second quarter, the stadium announcer told us to direct our eyes to the jumbotron to watch Cal’s best touchdown of the game!  Too bad Cal hadn’t scored yet….
  • Ridiculous security:  anticipating the frenetic end of the game, security lined up roughly 50 representatives and two lines of caution tape (oh, baby!).  The first Stanford student trying to rush the field got owned by five security officers.  Later students snaked around the sides of the barricade with great success.

  • Goldilocks:  Stanford Jack-of-all-trades Owen Marecic wasn’t the only blond beauty on the field.  Cal’s #45 Jed Barnett also rocked a Marecic-style mane.

Looks like he got the memo.

  • Richard Sherman is the man:  this one’s my personal favorite.  Amidst the raucous axe-attainment antics and celebrations, Stanford cornerback Richard Sherman singlehandedly shushed the entire Stanford crowd to raise a “whose house? C-house!” cheer from a whisper.  Talk about crowd presence!

1. "Shhh!" 2. "Whose house?!?" 3. "C-HOUSE!!!"

The Album

Blue skies greeted Stanford fans, at least for the first couple of hours.

Welcomed by an almost laughable excess of security at the stadium gates, most Stanford fans invaded local cafes for a quick bite to eat. Color alone demonstrates Stanford domination – even before gametime.

Love me some LSJUMB…. Well done, Band.  Your coordinated anarchy was a perfect metaphor for Stanford’s ability to work hard and play harder.

This guy reminds me of Steve from Blue's Clues. Anyone?

A lone Stanford vuvuzela in enemy territory.

Berkeley enclaves in the hills.

Cal engages in typical rivalry game day activities. Like portraying a massive image of the opposing team’s mascot. Cal, we need to talk.

It turned out to be a beautiful day after all.

Tree Protection Services… a little more intense than usual.

Stanford blowout over Cal in the 113th Big Game.

At this point, I’d usually insert a Cal joke. But their posters speak for themselves.



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