Racking my Brain: A few of the Benefits of Psych Studies

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Unofficial Stanford blog readers, I am about to share something quite personal.  So personal, that I myself only first clearly viewed this thing a few days ago.  Yes, here is a picture of my brain:

Yes, that is a real picture, from a real MRI machine, of my real brain (as opposed to my fake brain).  And this is a story of yet another reason I love this University: the psych studies.

In case you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Stanford’s psych studies.  Not only did I  get pictures of my brain, as well as contributing to scientist’s knowledge of how the brain reacts to emotions, but I also got paid $126 for four hours of my time.  I can’t think of *ahem* many things that yield that type of pay.  And only for about an hour and a half of that time was I having to lie still in the MRI machine.  The rest of it was consent forms and computer games.

I also learned a little about Stanford’s Lucas Center.  I know we’re a leading research institution and yada yada, but it really is cool to know how much our school is influencing research in the rest of the world.  The Lucas Center is the place where a lot of that goes down.

So if you haven’t, take the opportunity to sign up for a psych study, and get paid to do something easy.  It’s pretty cool.



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