Stanford-Arizona Liveblog

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Edit 3: Stanford wins! 42-17 over one of the best defenses in the country. We’ll see how this shakes up the rankings tomorrow. Thanks for following the liveblog. If you missed any part of it, read on after the break.

Stanford right after the Arizona game

This win wasn't as intense as the USC match, but it has potentially greater implications for the Cardinal in terms of national and Pac-10 rankings. The fans were happy to stay in the stands after this one.

Edit 2: For those of you just following along, it’s halftime and Stanford is up 21-3. Sorry for the delay in liveblogging coverage! My ride back to campus was late and we had some Internet woes in the press box. We’re all settled in now and looking forward to a great second half. (As long as I can find a plug for my laptop.)

Edit 1: Here we go in to the second quarter! Both teams are 7-1. ABC is broadcasting this nationally. 82% of the nation can tune in.

Traffic and internet troubles be damned, we are now liveblogging from the press box at Stanford Stadium!

0:00 Final score: Stanford 42, Arizona 17.

0:13 Luck takes the final knee, and that’s the game!

0:47 Second down, another knee. 5 second differential between play clock and game clock.

1:30 Luck is back on the field. He takes a knee on the first down. Looks like they’re going to run the clock out on this one.

1:30 Arizona receiver for whom the pass was intended is on the field, injured. He stands up and heads for the bench.

2:21 Third and three, but Arizona called on a false start. Foles’s pass is complete, but the defense easily stops the receiver. Fourth and 5 at the 46. They’re going to make a play… pass is incomplete!

2:54 Foles completes a pass to the 49, first down. Next pass is incomplete.

3:17 Whitaker’s kick caught at the 2 yard line, ran back to the 29. The band is on the field, and the Red Zone is still strong.

3:23 Waiting for the kickoff. I can see lots of empty benches and seats in the Arizona section.

3:23 After this scoring drive, Andrew Luck has 323 yards rushing this season, which is a single-season school record for a quarterback.

3:23 Stepfan Taylor scores his fourth touchdown tonight! The PAT is good: 42-17!

3:47 Luck keeps the ball, runs to the 5 and nabs another first down.

4:23 Stanford first down and Arizona called on a facemask penalty. Ball on the 16.

5:01 Stepfan Taylor rushes 6 yards, third and 2 from the 35. Another touchdown for the icing on the cake?

6:17 Wilkerson runs for 17 yards, first down at the Arizona 48!

6:23 Arizona timeout. I think ESPN’s Pac-10 columnist Ted Miller is sitting five seats away from me. Earlier he bemoaned our empty stadium.

6:55 Wilkerson makes it to the 43 yard line for a first down! But then he’s stopped for a loss of three.

7:49 Stanford makes it to the 31, Taylor rushes for 6 yards.

8:54 Chris Owusu makes the catch, runs it all the way to the 50 yard line. Holding called on Stanford, first down from the 17.

9:02 Keola Antolin makes the final yard for an Arizona touchdown. PAT is good: 35-17.

9:30 Arizona gets a first down at the 3 yard line. Skov makes a big stop on the play, second and goal at the 1.

10:06 Foles makes a pass but the receiver is taken down after two yards.

10:15 Stanford called on pass interference. Arizona first down at the 15.

10:35 Third and 5 at the 36 after good defense led to an incompletion. Foles makes the pass and now it’s first down at the Stanford 22.

11:10 Fourth and three after a blocked pass by Masafilo. Foles makes several fakes but then connects for first down at the Stanford 41.

11:54 Nwoko rushes for an Arizona first down, but gets injured on the play. He gets up and limps off the field, looks like maybe an ankle injury.

11:59 Punt goes out-of-bounds at the Arizona 37.

12:53 Luck hands off to Wilkerson, but he can’t get any yardage. Luck tries for Doug Baldwin but it goes incomplete. Tries once again, but Baldwin slips and can’t make it. Fourth and 10, Daniel Zychlinski on for the punt.

13:24 Luck tosses to Chris Owusu, who dives for an epic catch! 33-yard gain — but now it’s under review. Catch looks good on the replay… and the refs agree! First down at the Stanford 41.

14:26 Two-yard play, second and 8. Luck to Stepfan Taylor, but he runs into some trouble. Gain of 1.

14:57 Foles’s pass is incomplete, deflected by Thomas Keiser! Stanford offense takes the field.

15:00 Arizona to start at fourth and 4. Stanford bench is rallying the crowd to make some noise.


0:01 A lot of plays made in the last 45 seconds. Now it’s fourth and 4. End of the quarter.

0:46 Foles to Criner, pushed out of bounds. Third and 4, but they get the first down.

0:56 Another completion for Foles, first down at the Stanford 34.

1:13 Nick Foles makes 22-yard pass to Criner, but takes a heavy hit near the right sideline.

1:19 Whitaker kicks it back to the 1, Arizona gets it to the 23 yard-line before being stopped.

1:24 Stepfan Taylor picks up the final yard. TOUCHDOWN! That’s Taylor’s third rushing touchdown of the night. Nate Whitaker makes the kick: 35-10! That last scoring drive was 10 plays in 4:16 over 78 yards.

1:59 Pileup in front of the endzone. Marecic ran for two yards.

2:29 Luck hangs on to the ball and rushes 6 yards. First and goal at the 3!

2:35 Luck throws into the interception, incomplete. Looks like he was caught without a receiver and under pressure.

3:19 Jeremy Stewart takes the ball (suprise!) to the 9. Second and 2.

3:35 Luck complete to Doug Baldwin, who goes down at the 17 yard-line. First down!

3:52 Gaffney rushes for 1. Third and 9.

4:26 Luck misses a pass to Coby Fleener, nearly intercepted.

4:55 Luck complete to Chris Owusu, who breaks free from the pack for a 37-yard run. First down at the Arizona 38 (Owusu has over 100 yards rushing tonight.)

5:32 Taylor for three yards, second & 7.

5:40 Chris Owusu catches the kick at the 1, runs it to the 22. Let’s go, offense!

5:45 Does anyone else think the SkyCam is extremely distracting? It looks like a giant mosquito.

5:45 Foles makes a 7-yard touchdown pass. The extra point is good; 28-10

5:57 Another completion. Second and 1, which Arizona makes. First and goal.

6:21 Second and four. Foles completes the pass and Arizona runs it to the Stanford 33. (Why’s he making his passes all of a sudden?)

6:48 Nick Foles completes the pass and gets a first down. Criner is injured.

7:11 Stanford takes off after the kick, with the ESPN SkyCam chasing behind. Arizona returns it to their own 35.

7:16 Monitors zoom in on the drum major, who’s dressed as … Bowser from Mario?

7:16 Tyler Gaffney runs the ball into the endzone. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD! The PAT is good (thank you Nate Whitaker) and it’s 28-3!

8:04 Luck to Chris Owusu for 7 yards and another first down!

9:21 First down again thanks to Stepfan Taylor. On the next play, Luck throws to Taylor, who carries it to the 14 yard line. Second and three.

9:57 Luck pass complete to Konrad Reuland, gain of 12 yards. First down at the 32 yard line.

10:37 Luck hands off to Stepfan Taylor (again!), who runs for 16 yards. Stanford at the Arizona 46.

11:39 Stepfan Taylor rushes for 1 yard. Luck passes to Taylor again, this time he runs for the first down. We’re at the 38.

11:45 Stanford Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett is being interviewed on the field. It’s all incoherent mumbling up here, can’t understand a word of what they’re talking about.

11:45 Drew Terrell with the fair catch, the ball is on the Stanford 25.

12:24 Fua with the sack! Foles gets taken down again for a loss of 6 yards.

12:35 Last pass was incomplete. Third and 16, and Stanford calls its first time-out of the half.

13:29 False start on Arizona. First and 15 at the 36. Arizona tries to rush but Stanford defense shuts it down. Second and 16.

14:08 Two weak rushes by Arizona make it third down and 4. Foles’s pass to Criner complete. First and 10 and the 41.

14:53 Arizona caught the ball on their 6, ran it out at their 25.

-2:00 Stats for the first half. Possession time: Arizona – 14:18, Stanford – 15:42. Red Zone scoring: Arizona – 50% (1 for 2), Stanford – 100% (2 for 2). Third down conversions: Arizona – 3 for 8, Stanford – 5 for 8. Stanford’s linin’ up for the kickoff.

-4:30 The Cardinal take the field and perform calisthenics. Arizona trickles in after them.


0:00 Stay tuned, folks, because we’ll be covering the entire second half. The Band has taken the field, and this hungry reporter will go in search of food.

0:16 Stanford first and 10 at own 27. Luck will take a knee and that’ll end the half.

0:19 Richard Sherman with the INTERCEPTION! Flag on the play. Refs in a huddle, must be a trick call. Now they’re saying there’s no foul. False alarm, everybody.

0:34 Foles makes the pass, but the next first down goes incomplete. Now passes to Criner, gain of 26 yards. First down.

0:50 Arizona passes for a first down, but Foles flubs the throw. The next toss goes incomplete, so we’re at third and 10.

0:55 Arizona time-out.

1:07 Foles to Criner for a 5-yard gain. That passing connection has been pretty popular this evening.

1:18 Whitaker with the kick lands past the endzone. First and 10 for Arizona from their own 2o.

1:18 Stepfan Taylor with the ball, who cruises into the endzone. TOUCHDOWN STANFORD! The extra point is good, and we’re at 21-3.

1:25 Wilkerson drives it along the left side to the 5-yard line.

1:33 Luck passes to Chris Owusu, complete! First down at the Arizona 17. Minute and half to score.

2:06 A flurry of activity! We’re now at third and 4 from the Arizona 29. Wilkerson ran the ball on the last two plays.

2:37 Return is caught by Drew Terrell, who runs it to the Arizona 35.

2:51 Foles throw is tipped by Stanford and lands incomplete! The Wildcats come out for a punt.

3:40 Second and 6. Stanford takes down Thomas Keiser for a gain of 0.

4:08 48 yard punt by Zychlinski. Arizona at their own 17, first down.

4:21 Chris Owusu juggles to catch the ball but doesn’t quite make it. Holding called on Stanford (declined), fourth down.

5:14 Luck completes a pass to Coby Fleener for three yards, after a 1 yard second down. Third and 6.

5:48 Chris Owusu with the return, goes down at the Stanford 30.

6:00 Arizona makes the field goal. 14-3. From here, looks like everyone’s on their feet in the Red Zone.

6:10 Third and 3. Foles pass is incomplete! Fourth down. Will they rush, or take the field goal?

7:18 Criner made a 21 yard play and it’s now first down Arizona on our 22.

7:36 Arizona makes a fair catch at the Stanford 43. Time to shine, defense.

7:49 Third and 5. Luck attempts pass to Ryan Whalen, incomplete. Time for punt — but there’s a flag. False start on Stanford!? Come on!

8:33 Tyler Gaffney again with the carry. Gain of 2. Is he taking some of the pressure off of Stepfan Taylor? Arizona calls a time-out just before the snap.

9:17 Stanford starts at their own 6. Tyler Gaffney rushes for 3 yards. Second & 7.

9:25 Arizona hit with delay-of-game call. Fourth and 11. Drew Terrell makes the fair catch but there’s an illegal block by Corey Gatewood.

9:28 Third down and Foles’s pass is incomplete! Fourth and 6 from the Arizona 48.

10:35 Loss of three yards! Stanford D is bringing the heat!

11:06 Stanford defense pushes back against the Arizona offense, but they still manage a first down.

11:34 Arizona Juron Criner runs it 18 yards for a first down.

11:43 Takin’ this time to tweak the post. Whitaker kicks off, Arizona takes a knee in the endzone.

11:43 TOUCHDOWN! Stepfan Taylor drives it home, Nate Whitaker with the PAT, and it’s 14-0 Stanford!

11:50 Penalty: Arizona is offside. First and goal, 2 yards to go.

12:28 Luck passes to Coby Fleener, gain of 11 yards and we’re on the AZ 3 yard line.

13:10 Tyler Gaffney rushes the ball, tries to spin away from the defense but taken down after a gain of 2.

13:39 Luck pass complete to Ryan Whalen, runs for 9. First and 10 at AZ 16.

14:10 Luck to Fleener, complete. Second and 6.

14:50 Luck completes pass to Chris Owusu — first down at AZ 29!


0:00 Tyler Gaffney rushes for 5 yards. End of first quarter, third down and 15.

0:21 Ryan Whalen tries to grab a pass heading out of bounds, incomplete. 2nd and 20 at own 48.

0:53 Luck to Doug Baldwin for 23 yards.

1:41 Two more plays, last one to Chris Owusu. 3rd & 3.

3:05 Luck to Owen Marecic and it’s first down Stanford! At own 29.

3:25 Taylor with the rush, no gain. Luck to Doug Baldwin, complete; 3rd and 2.

4:28 Crier with the kick for AZ, ball rolls to the 11. Luck and the boys take the field.

4:46 Michael Thomas with the sack and Nick Foles goes down! 4th down!

4:56 Second & 8 at the Arizona 27. Foles goes for the long pass, nearly intercepted. There’s thunder in the stadium.

5:45 Sherman tackles Arizona player after a 15 yard run. First down.

6:00 Luck goes for the long throw to Ryan Whalen, lands too long. Daniel Zychlinski takes the punt, 35 yard kick. Ball on the Arizona 10.

6:30 Flag? False start!? Now 3rd and 15. Come on Luck!

7:07 4 yard gain, second and 16. Luck passes to Ryan Whalen, pushed out at the AZ 35.

7:30 Holding penalty on #53 Derek Hall

7:40 Anthony Wilkerson rushes 39 yards! First down, Stanford!

8:10 Luck pass complete to #85 Ryan Hewitt!

5:36 PM (8:16 1st quarter) Arizona punts for 59 yards; Stanford in a team huddle. (How’s Richard Sherman doing after that hit? — edit: turns out, just fine.)



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