This Week in Stanford 11/14/10-11/20/10

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Welcome to the beginning of Thanksgiving break! I’m sure all of you enjoyed Big Game Week, and now you have some time to recuperate before the end of the quarter. So, here are a few other things that have happened this past week:

  • law professor Robert Weisberg throws up his hands on personal rights when it comes to airports in a column from the Chicago Tribune
  • Robert Sapolsky, professor best known for teaching Bio 150, has a article up on the New York Times. It is best described by its title, “This Is Your Brain on Metaphor
  • Pulse, a newsfeed app for the iPhone and iPad, was developed by Stanford alums Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta. What other news would you need than TUSB, though?
  • Stanford economics PhD Ben Golub chimes in on the value of online comments. We here at TUSB endorse online comments as well
  • It was Big Game Week. It was HP7 release week. Thus, it was truly inspired to participate in Big Sweep, the first Quidditch match between Stanford and Cal. We lost, but if you really think about it, did we?
  • Laser pointers are apparently powerful enough to be dangerous nowadays, according to Thomas Baer, professor working in photonics, in an article by USA Today.
  • And of course, we all know what happened at Big Game.

For all you Stanford undergrads, have a great break!



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