This Week in Stanford 11/21/10-11/27/10

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This week has been a little slow in news, but you all hopefully had a great Thanksgiving. Here’s what came up:

  • Paul Khavari, medical professor, and his lab has turned normal human cells into 3-D cancers in a culture dish. Not really sure what that means or if I accurately reported that, but it sounds legit
  • An article in the Mercury News cites a few researchers receiving money from “Big Oil” to do their research, a contentious arrangement that some worry is influencing what research is done
  • Sigfried Hecker, MS&E professor, has been exciting news in world politics as he visited a uranium enrichment facility in North Korea, giving the US a little surprise about their nuclear capabilities
  • An article in HBR cites work from Carol Dweck, psychology professor, about having a growth mindset and applies it to the business world. Businesses have quite a bit to learn from little kids, apparently
  • Stanford researchers have designed something about satellites. I don’t understand any of it, but there’s a nice video after the jump
  • The San Francisco Chronicle has a bit about the Nothing new, but attention is nice


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