This Week in Stanford 11/7/10-11/13/10

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Now that we’re all on the far side of panic during the Stanford-ASU football game earlier today, let’s take a look at where else Stanford was this week:

  • Looking for an adventure? The Mercury News mentions the Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, perhaps the only thing to see in Sacramento
  • John Perry and Ken Taylor, both Stanford philosophy professors, do a weekly radio show called Philosophy Talk. This past week on the show, they and Provost John Etchemendy discuss what a university is and what place it has in society
  • Stanford apparently has Timetable, a clock and fountain, hidden away in storage somewhere. It looks kind of cool and could probably belong somewhere where students pass by it with no idea of its significance
  • David Kennedy, history professor, has an op-ed in the New York Times comparing our current political state of control flipping elections to that of the Gilded Age. The extent of my knowledge of current politics is something about the Tea Party, and I admittedly remember little from the referenced part of AP US History. Was that when the Populists popped up?
  • Stanford apparently doesn’t have enough space around these parts and is looking at grabbing up land in Redwood City for office space
  • TechCrunch has a guest article talking to a few Stanford grads in China working on startups across the ocean
  • Ge Wang, music professor and co-founder of Smule, has a new iPad app called the Magic Fiddle to be a virtual violin. It’s both cheaper and more durable than a violin
  • PaloAltoPatch, a branch online platform for local news, has a column about Stanford’s outreach effort to win over the hearts of locals. Given how much difficulty we have filling our stadium, I’m all for it
  • John Taylor, economics professor, has something to say about the Fed to Businessweek. I really don’t understand, but his name is everywhere, so I just picked one
  • According to Forbes, Palo Alto is the least affordable college town in the country. Well, there’s all the evidence I need for the existence and cause for the Stanford bubble
  • Building43 has a series on Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS). This particular article is about the the autonomous cars that means that no one will have to DD ever again

2 Responses to “This Week in Stanford 11/7/10-11/13/10”

  1. C.J. says:

    I went and saw the Stanford house in Sacramento while I was there for the women’s basketball sweet 16. It was pretty neat, hour long house tour.

  2. Masaru says:

    The Redwood City land has been Stanford’s property for a long time, it’s just never been developed. There was an article last year I think about thoughts on doing something.


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