TUSB 2011 Winter Course Guide: spice up your courseload!

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Stanford: land of sunshine-y studying all year round

It’s that time of year again!  Not sure what winter classes to take?  No worries; check out TUSB’s course primer.  Whether you’re looking to satisfy a GER, find profound inspiration, or just take a fun class for kicks, we’ve got you covered.

If there’s anything we missed, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments – we appreciate your feedback.  Additionally, you can check out past years’ course guides hereEnjoy!

Shake Your Groove Thing:  what better way to shake off the winter doldrums (literally) than with some fun dance classes?  Here’s a small sampling of the Dance Department’s awesome offerings.

  • Dance 30Chocolate Heads – contemporary dance from around the world
  • Dance 106African Styles on Stage – inspiration from the African diaspora
  • Dance 138Liquid Flow – “design and engineering through a tactile, kinetic and kinesthetic lens”
  • Dance 147Living Traditions of Swing – taught by the one, the only Richard Powers himself

Out of This World:  all the classes that remind me of Star Trek

  • To boldly split infinitives where no man has split infinitives before!

    Humbio 183Astrobiology and Space Exploration – life on earth and possibly elsewhere, NASA astronauts give guest lectures

  • AA 236BSpacecraft Design Lab – emphasis on practical applications, design, and launching
  • History 6NUtopia: History of Nowhere Land – focusing on Utopian literature of the early modern period
  • CHEM 27NLasers: The Light Fantasticset phasers to stun!

Too Soon? timely courses that pertain to current events

  • PUBLPOL 154California Politics and Policy – perfect for election buffs
  • CSRE 137R21st Century Civil Rights – legislation and security in the war on terror
  • POLISCI 114SInternational Security in a Changing World – nuclear proliferation, terrorism, civil war
  • POLISCI 220R The Presidency – for aspiring leaders of the free world

Welcome to the Farm

Save the World:  cool classes that give you Haas Center credit

  • EESS 105Food and Community for a Sustainable Future – from garden development to food dispersal to the needy
  • ENGR 110Perspectives in Assistive Technology – team-based projects for the disabled

Burst the Bubble:  field trip-based courses to get you out and about

  • GES 336Stanford Alpine Project – geology studies in preparation for a trip to northwestern India in summer 2011
  • EARTHSYS 38NScience, Literature, and History of Polar Exploration – optional field trip to the high Sierra in December 2011

Git ‘er Done:  snazzy classes that fulfill the GERs

  • AFRICAAM 48QSouth Africa: Contested Transitions – 1994 onwards, preference to sophomores (GER:DBHum, GER:ECGlobalCom)
  • ENGLISH 140ACreative Resistance and the Holocaust – the human spirit of creativity under the Nazi regime (GER:DBHum)
  • MUSIC 8ARock, Sex, and Rebellion – only at Stanford can you get GER cred for a class this cool!! (GER:DBHum, GER:ECAmerCul)
  • MUSIC 32NSculpting with Sounds, Images, and Words – hands-on work at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, preference to freshmen (GER:DBHum)

Madame Secretary:  the requisite Condoleezza Rice classes

  • POLISCI 214R or 314RChallenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy – post-conflict reconstruction, state-building, nuclear proliferation, peace negotiation; culminates in a 48-hour crisis simulation!; application only, available in Encina West 100

Avast, me hearties, yo ho!

Badassery of the Past:  because you may be cool, but you’ll never be da Vinci cool

  • HISTORY 31The Worlds of Leonardo da Vinci – everything EVER about the ultimate Renaissance man, also GER:DBHum!
  • HISTORY 51SPopular Violence in 19th Century America –  I’m just going to leave you with this quote from the course description:  “sport, manliness, sex”
  • HISTORY 43SPirates, Merchants, & Local Cosmopolitans – um, hello?  You can study PIRATES?  For credit??  Also, only ever offered this quarter.  So get on that.
  • HISTORY 58NThomas Jefferson and His World – love him or hate him, he was pretty fascinating

Nihilism according to dinosaurs

For the Budding Hipster

  • COMPLIT 101What is Literature? – in case you were wondering (GER:DBHum)
  • RELIGST 139Nihilism – “the role of ‘nothing’ as a category of thought”
  • FILMSTUD 137European New Wave Cinemas – 1940s-1970s post-war film


  • HISTORY 62S: Food Politics, Culture, and Ecology in Americanomnomnom guaranteed
  • CSRE 28N: Cultural Shaping of Mental Health and Illness (PSYCH 28N) – how do we perceive and treat mental illness as a cultural phenomenon?

‘Nuff Said:  courses with six or fewer words of course description

(Disclaimer: for clarity, I’m paraphrasing the course names, but all the links will take you directly to the accurate Bulletin listings.  Have fun ‘sploring!)


4 Responses to “TUSB 2011 Winter Course Guide: spice up your courseload!”

  1. Steven Crane says:

    These are also pretty cool:
    Athletic182: Yoga: Aut/Win/Spr/Sum
    Athletic 184: Yoga/Pilates Fusion: Aut/Win/Spr/Sum
    Csre28N and Psych28N: The Cultural Shaping of Mental Health and Illness: Win
    Educ193A: Listen UP! Core Peer Counseling Skills: Aut/Win/Spr
    Educ193P: Peer Counseling at the Bridge: Aut/Win/Spr
    Me104B: Designing the Authentic Life: Aut/Win/Spr
    Peds106: Pursuit of Health and Happiness: Win
    Psyc135: Sleep and Dreams: Win
    Psyc233: Mindfulness: An Awareness-Based Stress Reduction Program in Medicine: Aut/Win/Spr/Sum
    Psych1: Introduction to Psychology: Aut/Win/Spr
    Psych101 and Humbio128: Community Health Psychology: Win
    Psych104: Uniquely Human: Win
    Psych138: Wise Interventions: Win
    Psych151: Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology: Win
    Psych213: Affective Science (with James Gross!): Win

  2. Sasha says:

    POLISCI 137R: Justice at Home and Abroad: Civil Rights in the 21st Century (CSRE 137R, EDUC 261X, ETHICSOC 137R, POLISCI 337R)

    Co-taught by Rob Reich, Pam Karlan, and Jim Steyer. Will be amazing.

  3. Kristi says:

    Also, you can check out the “Creativity Course Guide” here:

  4. Josh says:

    Since I did not write this quarter’s guide, I want to put in a plug for Drama 103: Improv. A great class that is worthwhile for every person regardless of your major or background.


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