BIO150 (a.k.a. the class everybody took last Spring) — Now Available On iTunes!

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Last Spring, world renowned neurologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky gathered over 700 students (and even some non-Stanford locals) in Hewlett 200 for a class that’s offered every other year.  With the classroom filled to the brim, students were found sitting and taking notes in the aisles of one of the largest auditoriums on campus.  Throughout the quarter, Dr. Sapolsky delved into the biology/neurobiology related to peculiar human behaviors (e.g. murder, non-reproductive sex, religion, etc.).

Thanks to Dr. Sapolsky’s determination to make the class available to just about everybody (no bio background required!), a few of the lectures from last Spring are now available on iTunes — for free!

So, if you were part of the the other half of campus that didn’t take BIO150 last Spring, or if you’ve just been dying to find something to do over Winter Break, this link will be the solution to all your worries. :]

If you don’t quite want to watch all 20 lectures, I’d definitely recommend the Introduction to Neurology II lecture (which is actually given by one of the awesome HBB TAs, Patrick House) and any of the Aggression lectures.  Happy watching!


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  2. CM says:

    Anyone have a syllabus for the course (Sapolsky’s BIO 150)? What was the reading list he recommended?

  3. Quora says:

    What are large, popular Spring quarter Stanford classes that I can crash as a non-Stanford student?…

    One of the most popular classes spring quarter is Bio150: Human Behavioral Biology (MWF afternoon). It is cited in both What’s the most useful class at Stanford? and Stanford University: What are the best courses at Stanford? You can watch it on iTune…


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