This Week in Stanford 11/28/10-12/04/10

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Props go out to all Stanford students who just managed to make it through dead week alive. Or something like that. Anyways, here’s where Stanford popped up in news elsewhere:

  • Stanford and Joseph Ehlrich received an award for architecture. Campus does indeed look that cool
  • Robert Weisberg, law professor, was quoted in a LA Times article about a Supreme Court case to reduce overcrowding in prisons
  • The cartech blog at cnet has a slideshow of pictures from CARS, the place for car research at Stanford
  • A study from Julie Desjardins, post-doc, and Russ Fernald, bio prof, found that female fish reacted better to male fish who win fights. This suggests perhaps a new way to impress a girl on a first date: beat up a fish
  • The New York Times published an op-ed written by Julie Zhuo, ’06, about online trolling
  • Jonathan Mayer, grad student, and Arvind Narayanan, post-doc, have created a Do Not Track program as part of an ongoing debate about online privacy
  • Stanford women’s soccer is going to NCAA finals tomorrow! Root hard for them!


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