Total(ly Despicable) Frat Move

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I was talking to a high school friend who pledged a fraternity at his school on the East Coast, and in the midst of the conversation, he said, “TFM.”  Confused, I asked, “What does that stand for?”  Turns out, TFM is short for “total frat move.”  He was baffled that I had never heard of the phrase, because it happens that it was made into a rather popular website (or at least popular in the East, Midwest, and South). He was so appalled that I had never heard the phrase, that he emailed me a link to the website (click here to see for yourself).

If you are going to peruse the website, here are some of the abbreviations you will need to know: TSM = total sorority move, NF = not frat, and GDI’s= God Damn Independents or students not in Greek life.

At first, I was interested by the website.  It was like looking into a totally different, albeit obnoxious, world, but the more TFMs I read, the less intriguing and more offensive the site became.  By the end, I was completely repulsed.  I was going to try and describe the offensiveness of this website for those who chose not to click on the link, but I don’t think I could do it justice.  Instead, I will provide you with a sampling of some of comments that grace the website (I tried to pick ones that conveyed the feeling of the site without choosing ones that were profane).

“I get pissed off when I can’t find the keys to my frathoe for 5 minutes. Can’t imagine how those GDIs are going to feel when they can’t find a job for their entire lives. TFM.”

“Turns out Obama and I do have something in common. We both love spending my dad’s money. TFM.”

“No sex on the first date, technically makes it the last date. TFM.”

“I’m in the law library with my fratdaddy.  He’s studying corporations or something. I am coloring. TSM.”

“No. I am not concerned about my future. I am a 34D and bake cookies like you wouldn’t believe. TSM.”

Essentially, the stereotypical male poster on the site would have you believe that he is a guy from a high tier fraternity somewhere in the SEC with a huge trust fund who votes Republican, bleeds American, gets wasted everyday, and sleeps with hot women, whom he believes deserve about as much respect as the dirt he walks on outside.  The stereotypical woman poster on the site is a hot Southern belle who concerns herself with 6 things: 1) her “fratdaddy”, 2) her pearls, 3) Lilly Pulitzer apparel, 4) Yurman jewelry, 5) sandwich-making, and 6) her MRS degree.  She will survive on her family’s money and then her husband’s.  Anyone who works hard (in school, in their job, in anything besides “fratting it up”), lives anywhere besides the South, doesn’t have a large trust fund, has different political ideas (a.k.a. is not a Republican), or isn’t part of Greek life is NF and therefore is to be relegated to below-human status.

As a member of a sorority here at Stanford, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Maybe it is because I go to school in California (OH NO!), but these ideas seem ridiculously archaic.  Being part of Greek life doesn’t make you automatically better than everyone else.  Being rich doesn’t make you better than everyone else.  What defines you is how you act, and the posters on this website act like arrogant fools.  What makes me the most sad, however, is that this is all done in the name of Greek life pride.

Being stuck-up, uneducated, and misogynistic is anything but what Greek life is about.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is not about status, it is about joining a group of people who will be with you through thick and thin, who will support you no matter what.  If you look at the founding principles of any fraternity and sorority, you will find that these institutions are founded on bettering their members academically and morally and helping their members to, in turn, better and give back to the community.  The posters on continue to perpetuate the stereotype of fraternity men and sorority women as dumb kids who only care about partying.  Yes, parties are part of Greek life, but they are, by no means, the only part of Greek life.  And they aren’t even close to the most important part of Greek life. Because when college is over and the parties are done, the friends that I have made will still be there, and I will still be a proud member of my sorority.

~ Sasha


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  1. Davis says:

    Sasha is probably in a bottom tier sorority and fat. Sasha=NF. TFM=FAF

  2. I Was Born To Frat says:

    It’s spelled Yurman you geed. Learn some deceny.

  3. I Was Born To Frat says:

    Decency sorry.

  4. i make a damn good sandowch and proud says:

    some people just don’t understand a bit of sarcasm. what’s wrong with being proud of my sandwich making kills, perpetual wealth, and great looks?

  5. i make a damn good sandwich and proud says:


  6. B. Moore says:

    Second that, Davis.

  7. B. Moore says:

    I know yall are upset by this geed, but please slow down and spell check. These reposts aren’t helping us out here.

  8. Broseph McCarthy says:

    Sasha’s just mad I voted her sandwich making skills a 2.0/10.0 on the Betty Crocker scale.

  9. Frat Boy says:

    You have to realize that a lot of it isn’t serious. It’s just so obnoxious and repulsive it’s funny. I have a few posts up and i don’t mind GDI’s.

  10. Jefferson Davis says:

    When college is over and the parties are done, my trust fund will still be there. TFM

  11. Rebecca says:

    You spelled Yurman wrong, GDI.

  12. Rachel says:

    Obviously, many of the posts are tongue-in-cheek. And then there are posts like this:

  13. SouthernFrattastic says:

    Please do everyone a favor and take that massive NF feminazi chip off your shoulder. Sorry that we’re better than you in every imaginable facet. Oh wait, no I’m not sorry. TFM.

  14. Virginia Gentleman says:

    See, here in the east we not only have money, beautiful southern belles, and all the lasting friendships and benefits of being involved in greek life, but we also have a sense of humor. I suggest you invest in one of those instead of hollister and the dnc.

  15. The South says:

    typical whining fussing and crying from the entire left coast california types about how more successful and better people live and what they do.

  16. Red White and Blue says:

    Sasha, how are you writing this? I didn’t know that you could access the internet from the kitchen.

  17. in God we trust fund says:

    what was the woman reading on the blank sheet of paper? her rights. TFM

  18. American Fratdaddy says:

    Hey Sasha, just because you’ve been rejected and shot down by every fratdaddy that you’ve ever approached and get no respect from the beautiful sorostitutes that we so commonly reference doesn’t mean you have throw a fit on your blog. Go put on your hemp necklace and your tie dye shirt and after your woman’s rights meeting, MAKE ME SANDWICH.

    Sorry for partying.

  19. Frat Long. Frat Strong. says:

    it’s a good thing that I have already secured a job for myself after college in the South so that I never have to leave its perfection and meet any geeds like Sasha. Just another reason the South is better.

  20. Screw the south says:

    Agree with Sasha. The dumb southerners posting on TFM are corrupting an all-American force of good in this nation. For shame. Gentlemen like Robert E. Lee would turn over in their graves if they knew teh kind of BS you guys continuously spew. Have some shame.

  21. 1865 says:

    Well you can stay in your gay, liberal, hippie, pothead, wannabe surfer state and I’ll stay in the greatest state of all (Georgia). Sasha, you would never make it in the South, and not only because of your porn star name. You are truly a GDI. Btw your math honors society sorority doesn’t count as a real sorority.

  22. 1869 says:

    Sorry for partying.

  23. NC Pi Kapp says:

    She’s on the rag and running late for her “You’re not redistributing the weath fast enough” rally.

  24. Fratstar says:

    your sorority must suck.

  25. ouch says:

    Maybe if california had a trust fund its bonds wouldn’t be fixing to reach “junk” status prior to bankruptcy. It is a little something called satire. Please consider reading about it.
    People from the east don’t like california b/c all of the hair gel having, ed hardy wearing, MMA fighting guidos who act like they are the greatest thing this world has ever known.
    If you try and pull that stuff in the great state of virginia, you will have no friends and the only women that will talk to you are the STD toting sperm cannisters that are seemingly absent from most greek organizations in the south.

  26. FaF says:

    We are a better walk a life. Now go make me a sandwich and grab me a frat water

  27. LOL says:

    Guess Sasha didn’t get a bid.

  28. Theodore Brosevelt says:

    Have fun not getting paid to write for blogs for the rest of your life, GDI.

  29. Lilly says:

    Look at all those classy, dignified responses!
    Southerners will always reveal themselves as trash, especially when they are called out on their deficiencies. It’s best to ignore them, they are mere children, and most of the time, don’t deserve the letters they wear and don’t live up to the ideals they stand for. Their overinflated sense of self worth is just adorable, especially considering most of them are solid middle class by national standards (that’s right, the East and West Coast is much more affluent).

  30. Fratty Murphy says:

    sounds annoying,fat, and broke

  31. Frat Masterson says:

    Lilly, nice try with the name, but you’re still the opposite of sorority. Deficient? I’m a Southern fratter who goes to MIT, and I’m telling you to catch a boat to fuck-off-me land. Nice try again talking trash about the South’s poor ideals, then making the hypocritical comment that we’re poor. You think you’re classy? NS.

  32. Old South Pancake House says:

    1, 2, 3, Robert E Lee; 3, 2, 1, south shouldve won….

  33. Guag says:


  34. Lee Harvey Broswald says:

    I hope that your sandwich making skills can outweigh your stupidity.

  35. KappaKlassy says:

    Sasha sweetheart, im sorry your momma didnt raise you right.

  36. fRatsTaR says:

    “Anyone who works hard (in school, in their job, in anything besides “fratting it up”), lives anywhere besides the South, doesn’t have a large trust fund, has different political ideas (a.k.a. is not a Republican), or isn’t part of Greek life is NF and therefore is to be relegated to below-human status.”


  37. KA says:

    When did your oven get internet access?

  38. Jefferson Davis says:

    The website is a joke website. Taking it seriously is almost as dumb as assuming someone from Mississippi does not where shoes, owns a pet pig, can not read, does not believe in anything except for the republican party, or is not smart enough to work in Washington D.C. And mam, I have been to California, and each time I told someone I was from MS I was automatically looked down on and/or asked one of the following stereotypes I have listed above.

    Yes the “TFM” site maybe “stuck-up, uneducated, and misogynistic”, but this post is ignorant and worthless. I was reading “TFM” posts and noticed this and thought I could get a laugh. And I did laugh very hard at your ignorance. People I know post things on the site that are stereotypical and funny because those who read know it is a joke. Use some common sense. If not I can be stereotypical too. So, you should take your liberal, baby killing, pot-smoking, hippie/surfer ideas, go out to a field and to quote “Mr. C” of Happy Days, “sit on it”

  39. As the GDI’s would say: Epic Fail says:

    Well as it seems as you are in a “sorority”, you seem like you should understand Greek life. Unfortunately you are from California and have no sense of manners. Total Frat Moveis a modern satire that is funny for the fact of it being ridiculous. And while a lot of it may be excessive, why the hell would anyone not want to have the privileges that the richest of the rich have? I was raised Southern and taken to visit family in California. They thought I was weird I thought they were disrespectful pricks who had no sense of respect. (Before you say it, this sentiment came from my observations of the male gender and has no reflection of my respect for women which is of the highest order as any Southern Gentleman should.) Either way, being a feminist is great and women’s rights are proper. My only problem is that you cite a region you are not from and a demographic you cannot begin to understand due to… well a lot of things.

    I got to a school that is considered not frat. I’m okay with it. I still read Total Frat Move and laugh at the posts. So I will repeat a few things that have been said already.

    Get over it.
    It’s a big joke. (Your website is )
    Sorry for partying!

    And just because I want to put a dent in your ego: ” When were women allowed to leave the kitchen?”

  40. ~1851 Violets~ says:

    Oh, Sugar. Bless your heart. All those earthquakes out there must have rattled your brain. Or you have just gone completely insane trying to ignore the fact that you (and your ‘sorority’…imaginary?) will never live up to what we have here in the South. We are proud, multifaceted women, to say the least. We can cook, clean, decorate, and please our man seven ways from Sunday. We COULD have a job… If we ever needed or wanted one…. Thanks Heavens we won’t. And the one thing we have that you can never learn? Class.

    And before all you fratdaddy’s yell at me to get back in the kitchen: I AM in the kitchen, thank you very much. Just pulled a fresh batch of cookies from the oven, put another in, and am in the midst of making a sandwich for my fratdaddy.

  41. JFB V says:

    Sasha I got to say I like a frat mattress with a little bit of sass. I’m willing to squeeze you into the line up as slampiece #4. Of course this would mean you’re batting clean up, so you would be on call Sunday – Tuesdays assuming there are no mixers, date parties, etc. on said days. Also you should know my favorite sandwich is a club.

  42. Shooter McFratstar says:

    Lilly- anybody you’ve seen wearing letters is NF. And thank you for the demographic information on income distribution among geographic portions of the United States. I wish me calling you a GDI was as big an insult to you as it would be if someone called me one. Still, you’re a GDI.

  43. Good Try Geed says:

    We are not better because we are Greek, we are Greek because we are better. TFM.

  44. spencer says:

    This article is NF, get a life geed.

  45. Midwestern Fratter says:

    First off, they make fun of midwesterner’s just as much as they do east coast d-bags ans west coast liberal scum. The difference being that we in the midwest know how to appreciate satire and we share many of the same republican ideals that you so abhor, such as each person being entitled to what they earn. By the way, I am a middle class male who hopes to be able live in the South and leave a trust fund to his children. Then again, I also view the likes of Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson as ideological heroes, so you (Sasha, Lilly, Screw the South, etc) and I will have little in common besides being American citizens, a status you are lucky to hold.

  46. VV says:

    The people who make TFM thrive on labels. They need to be Greek, to wear Brooks Brothers and Lilly Pulitzer, to be Southern, to be a Republican, in order to have any self worth.

    If they truly were Greek, the highest ideals to live by would have been ingrained into them during their pledgeship. Instead, they waste time talking about money and possessions. They somehow think this makes them better than geeds, than Democrats, than Northerners… when really, they are just as lowly and pathetic as anyone else, if not MORE SO because they must profess their superiority constantly.

    True class doesn’t need to brag. Shame they were never taught that and reveal not only their insecurities, but also their lack of class.

  47. Hunter Ward says:

    Sasha let me guess, your liberal, a vegetarian, a pot smoker, a lesbian, or all 4? You Suck, California sucks and should have zero say in anything.

  48. Stonewall Jackson says:

    You seem to be complete liberal scum. Please stay in California.

  49. Tom says:

    Attractive girls do not blog, therefore you are unattractive. Unattractive girls can sometimes save themselves by being funny or being able to take a joke. You failed to do either one of those. I am also going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are one of those fat girls that still somehow have small boobs. If you had any fun in life, you would find humor in at least some of the posts on TFM. You are right, it is easy to judge people you know nothing about. Your blog is shit.

  50. southern pearls and curls says:

    you shouldnt go rant to a blog when you dont approve of something. instead you stay classy and smile and hold your tongue. you say your in a sorority…so you should have some sense of what class is…although the south has a higher standard of what class is, you should still have a sense of it. i feel sorry for you, you have no sense of humor at all and need to get off your high horse and get over yourself. i love living in the south, making my fratdaddy sandwiches, and spending time with my sisters. if you dont agree then dont come to the south to get a southern gentleman.

    3, 2, 1 south should’ve won!

  51. President says:

    I’m the president of my sorority at a university within the SEC.

    Most of us take the website as it is a joke. Granted some of the men and women in SEC sororities are stereotypical TFM, but every sorority at my school has a minimum GPA.

    I chose to be in a sorority, because I felt that being Greek was being the best of the best. At my school, SGA is almost 100 percent greek, the elite programs within the business school, and others are 90 percent greek. It is best at a large university to distinguish yourself from the rest, which is what greek life is really about.

    TFM is just a joke, but being greek at a university within the SEC is something to be proud of. I am a people person; I believe I could make life long friends without my organization, but what my organization represents, the type of women we are collectively is why I wanted to be in my sorority. We are intelligent, philanthropic, funny, social, caring, and accepting young women. I also believe that we are better than other people not in greek life, not because we are wealthy or prettier, but because we chose to devote our college careers to the success of our organizations. We made the choice to be the role models of others to extend ourselves by joining several campus activities, and to devote most of our time to various philanthropic events and activities. My school’s greek life raises over ten million dollars for various philanthropies.

  52. Rob says:

    Dear Sasha,

    As a foreign student who happened to join a fraternity in the south, I feel I have a unique perspective that allows me to tell you that your attack on southern girls is an affront on all that is good in the world, and you need to stfu.

    Southern girls are far and away the best kind of girl America has to offer. They are gorgeous, polite and hit that perfect blend between “classy” and “slutty” that is essentially every man’s dream. I am not saying that California girls are not hot (because a lot are), it just happens that the vast majority are stuck up cunts.

    Regarding TFM – grow a sense of humour. The vast majority of those postings are made with tongue firmly in cheek.



  53. dogshitstate says:

    This is why i fucking hated california when i lived there.

  54. Bob says:

    soooo Sasha, how’d this blog turn out for you?

  55. Ronald Reagan says:

    Thinking parties aren’t the most important part of Greek life. TgdiM

  56. Too Bad says:

    Looks like someone’s boyfriend has more than one slampiece… Sorry Sasha, I guess he found a better sorostitue.

  57. Sasha says:

    Dear all that commented,
    I usually don’t respond to comments, but I decided to make an exception for this post.

    1) I know much of what is posted on TFM is posted as a joke. I go to Stanford. I’m not dumb. However, just like I would never joke about the Holocaust, genocide in general, or racism, I don’t find jokes subjugating women hilarious. My bad. Whether it is done in jest or not, I believe the website perpetuates an image of Greek life that is one that most people would find negative. Going Greek was one of the best decisions I have made during my college career. It has been an extremely positive experience. I want others to view fraternity and sorority life in the same positive light that I, and all of you, view it in. I think counteracts that, and I stand by my opinion and what I wrote.

    2) Please do not take this as an insult to Southern Greek life. My mom was brought up in the South, and I have family that lives in the South. It is a great part of the country, and its Greek life reflects that. I do NOT think that Southern sorority girls are any less intelligent, caring, accepting, and all-around amazing than their counterparts in any part of the country. I know that Greek life in the South is amazing and does incredible things for their schools and for their communities. And that is why I do not understand why you would want to represent yourselves the way you have been, at least online. I think it does a huge disservice to yourselves and your organizations.

    3) To all of you who used either your real email address (or worse your school email address) or who included your fraternal organization in your name, I am sure the administration at your school or your Nationals would be appalled to see how you are representing yourself. Think about how much trouble one email to your school forwarding your email address and your comment could cause. Or think about what could happen to your chapter if your comment and school affiliation was forwarded to Nationals. But I wouldn’t do that. Because (I don’t care how much you disagree with me on this point) I have class.

    I think that pretty much sums it up. If you have any intelligent responses to my post (either supporting or against it), I would love to hear it.

    ~ Sasha

  58. West Coast Fratter says:

    Blackmailing=NF and does not give you class. At least you have learned that sucking up is the best way for a GDI like yourself to succeed in the world. Let me know how your life is in 20 years and how the blogging career is doing alright?

  59. Sasha says:

    @ West Coast Fratter:
    The legal definition of blackmailing is as follows. “Extortion of money or something else of value from a person by the threat of exposing a criminal act or discreditable information (West’s Encyclopedia of American Law).” Where did I ask for money or anything of value? And did you miss the part where I said that I WASN’T going to do that? Reading carefully is very important. I was only trying to make the point that the choices you make and how you represent yourself (online and otherwise) can greatly affect your life. I am now officially done with responding to posts that don’t make an adequate, original argument against my position. The only reason I responded to your comment in the first place is that I take felony accusations very seriously.

  60. swamp donkey says:

    You all suck. I’ll start with the TFM fags. My friend introduced me to that gay website a few days ago and I figured I would get on when I was bored to talk shit to you queers. Before you accuse me of being a gdi or a “geed” (whatever the fuck that is), I will inform you that I am in a Southern fraternity. I fuck more twat, pound more beer, blow more coke, and have more money than anyone who posts on that retarded website, but this is the only time I will post about it online. 75% of the posts on TFM are about people doing cool shit and having a good time, but I was always taught that if you have to tell people about how cool you are then you probably aren’t that cool. Thus, TFM is a shitstain on the reputations of top-tier Southern fraternities.

    Sasha, when I read your name I thought, “I can’t wait to get a porn star’s perspective on TFM.” Instead of being an awesome porn star you came across as an uptight, box-munching, liberal, cunt sandwich. Lighten the fuck up. Though it is homo for these tools to get online and spend their day thinking up clever one-liners that glorify the stereotype of Southern fratters being a bunch of racist, misogynistic alcoholics and drug addicts, you have to understand that its all a joke. Anyone who honestly believes that women don’t have rights, blacks should be re-enslaved, or they are better people than GDIs because they are in a fraternity/sorority should be cock-slapped with a baseball bat sized dong. The only women who are degraded by this website are the insecure, feminist hoe bags, like yourself, who don’t know how to fucking laugh.

  61. swamp donkey says:

    P.S. where does someone from California of all places have the right to comment on Southern culture? Your state sucks ass and I’m sure we could point out some flaws with the Greek system in California if we cared enough to investigate. Quit being a bitch.

  62. Stanford101 says:

    Sasha and everyone commenting on this article,

    However inappropriate you may consider the above mentioned website, please keep an open mind and be aware that Sasha is offended by a website and not Southern culture. I am from the South and in Sasha’s sorority. We are classy, smart and definitely know how to represent our sorority (the biggest in the South and in the nation). I’d just like to remind both sides to be respectful.

    If Sasha considers the website offensive, then let her opinion be. Keep in mind that this is Stanford’s blog, so clearly Sasha is extremely driven and pursuing a life very different life and career path than many of my friends and fellow sisters in the South are pursuing. She is presenting a perspective of Stanford’s Greek scene and not that of a different school.

    Stanford is not only one of the world’s premier institutions, it also embodies both conservative and liberal ideals. Stating that Stanford can be equated with California’s most basic stereotypes is not only untrue, but also a naive point of view.

    Sasha’s and my sorority and the entire Stanford Greek system embodies the ideal that students can be both classy, smart, driven and can also have fun.

    Please be the gracious and respectful Southerners I know and love and stop putting down a girl’s perspective without fully understanding that she was offended by a website and not the South as a whole. Putting down someone you don’t know and stating they are “fat” “ugly” “too liberal” etc is simply unacceptable argumentation. While I disagree with Sasha on some points, I accept her point of view (this is a blog, keep that in mind).

    Please know that the South is not entirely as is portrayed on the above mentioned website and Sasha isn’t putting down the South as a whole, but a compilation of (sometimes) inappropriate comments.

  63. South At Stanford says:

    Sasha’s sorority is the classiest on Stanford’s campus. Not only are they beautiful, polite and kind – no, they also know how to have fun.

    Y’all need to stop putting down these girls and be the Southern Gentlemen you should be.

  64. Thomas Willingham says:

    Dear Sasha and Stanford101,

    You’re both fat and ugly.



  65. 78 degrees outside says:

    Just because you go to Stanford it does not mean you are smarter than everyone else. Talk about not having class. Anyway prepare to get hazed by the Hokies on Jan 3rd. Also making me type STANFORD in the bottom as a captcha instead of using regular captchas is NF. GO HOKIES

  66. John Wayne says:

    I’m in a southern fraternity myself and find that maybe 1/20 of the TFMs posted are witty or funny. Sarcasm aside, I hate seeing when tools post boasting about how they will be the leaders of tomorrow when they haven’t done anything substantial in their young lives (service academy, ROTC, etc…no, not SGA) to warrant some sort of respect for their ability to lead. Robert E. Lee would be dismayed at the lack of humility. What’s even worse is the women who brag about leeching off of men as if it’s laudable to do nothing productive for the rest of one’s life. All the bullshit about pearls and clothe brands is unfunny and unimaginative. Sure, they can say it’s a joke, but they know as well as I do it’s true. Equally, if not more unsettling, is the amount of concern placed on clothing brands by allegedly heterosexual men. It’s important to dress respectably, but no real man concerns himself with such vanity.

    As a southern gentleman, I apologize for the absolutely disgraceful name-calling. I would say some of these men were raised better, but then I would be full of shit. The real Southern gentlemen and leaders of tomorrow in fraternities aren’t going to waste their time calling a woman a GDI liberal lesbian cunt on the internet.

  67. Terrible Tyrant says:

    Most of the stuff on that site is complete bullshit. I’m a proud GDI and have over 7 made up posts on the site. Little do they know, I’m mocking them as they give my posts “Nice moves”.

  68. South says:

    Disrespecting women=NF, no matter what state she lives in. Show some respect

  69. Stanford=GDI says:

    Stanford sucks and so does sasha and sisters.

  70. Play Nice says:

    I am appalled and disturbed by the quality and content of the comments on this blog. Whether you agree or disagree with Sasha’s views, the use of derogatory terms and petty insults is childish and just plain rude. While I agree that the manner in which Sasha tried to present her opinions may have unintentionally painted the south in a poor light, this website is, at times, derogatory. Thank you ‘President’ and ‘John Wayne’ for your constructive criticism.

  71. Sasha’s Boyfriend says:

    She doesn’t shave, or even trim.

  72. Is this what you want? says:

    Commenting on your own blog, NF.

  73. Brian Bro’saben says:

    West Coast= NF. Liberal at Stanford= NF.

  74. Eric says:

    “I go to Stanford, I’m not dumb.” Seriously? And you act as if members of the Greek community are arrogant? No one cares that you go to “Stanford,” at all. And if it wasn’t for Total Frat Move, your blog would probably be receiving a significantly lower amount of hits. No one reads blogs, especially your retarded Stanford blog.

  75. I’m Better than you says:

    I am republican. I get drunk every night. I have a stockpile of wonderful slampieces. I do come from money. I love fratting and being FaF.

    You are liberal. Fat. From a bottom tier srat. and prob will not marry into money because Geeds like you will never succeed like we do. So you can go around pretending that everyone is equal and deserves free handouts, and I’m going to live the dream. Oh, and just because you got into stanford doesn’t mean you’re smart. You’ll prob be working for me anyways

  76. future slampiece says:

    I love being a southern girl who is going to a southern college will be in greek life then marry a rich man. I make sandwiches and I’m damn proud of it. Sorry you’re so NF. TSM bitch.

  77. frat star says:

    sorry im not sorry for being in a southern frat and am amazing. maybe if you ever decide to get out of the god awful west cost your would realize there’s a better life outside the west coast… but we will naturally reject you for being the GDI at heart you really are.

  78. BytheGraceofGod says:

    Sugar, my current fratdaddy graduated from your college and was in Greek Life. He likes TFM, and he loooves my Southern hospitality. Maybe that explains why he moved to the South for grad school. Or maybe he just couldn’t handle wasting his time on feminists who can’t take a joke. Don’t hate on a culture you clearly do not understand. California is full of wonderful people and amazing places, but it is girls like you that make us tease your entire state.

  79. Fraternity says:

    I go to school in the south and I am in a fraternity. I find ridiculously stupid and it gives the south a terrible name. No wonder why people think the south is stupid. n

  80. Stanford Student says:

    Uh, so, ok. Apparently subtlety goes beyond a lot of these commenters, so I’d like to jump in to maybe explain some of what Sasha is saying. Nowhere does she say that all southern sororities/fraternities are bad. But sometimes, Greek life gets a bad name because people assume that they are all shallow, image-obsessed partiers who don’t care about grades or substance. Now, that’s not true! And Sasha says that several times. Greek life is an amazing way to get involved with your community and as some commenters said above, often represents some of the best students a college has to offer.

    The problem with that TFM isn’t that some people can’t take a joke. The problem with TFM is that it only perpetuates bad stereotypes about Greek life. Right now, Greek life has an image problem. Sorry, but it’s true. When I tell people I’m in a sorority, people expect that my life at Stanford is 100% parties, sex, drugs. That’s not cool, and not true. I think that Sasha’s post stems from a desire for Greek life to represent themselves in the way that our letters ask us to: with class and decency. As a member of Greek life, you are expected to lead an exemplary life and treat all people with respect–just like racist jokes aren’t funny, neither are feminist ones. I don’t see that kind of class on TFM, and I can’t imagine that any of the posters would say their posts out loud, even as a joke, while wearing their letters.

    Jokes are awesome! Sarcasm is fun! Unfortunately, TFM doesn’t seem all that funny to me. I take great pride in my sorority and what it represents, and it saddens me that’s only a punchline for TFM posters.

  81. Frat Star State says:

    It must suck to be ugly. Just accept your life and get back to the kitchen.

  82. MikeB says:

    People need to get a life. That website is dumb and offensive.

  83. sad and awesome at the same time says:

    This is hypocritical of me, but the fact that anyone spent more than 3 sentences or 3 minutes one this piece of crap amazes me. Read it, laugh, and move on. On the flip side, I’m happy to see that this post got dumped on by the TFM fan base.

  84. stanford student 09 says:

    Wow, I never actually believed in the stupid Southern stereotypes. I thought it was just that, a stereotype that had since truly changed. Never mind. Thanks for reinforcing that for yourselves.

    I find FML hilarious, and I love DYAC. But making fun of stupid people (obviously people from the south) isn’t that funny. Well, I guess it is funny to stupid people….

  85. Timbo says:

    Whining about people acting within the first amendment- NF. Finding the close button at the top of the screen when you don’t approve of a web page- TFM.

  86. Love And Honor says:

    aaaaand thank you, stanford.

    “I know much of what is posted on TFM is posted as a joke. I go to Stanford. I’m not dumb.” – no, but it means your probably liberal, so of course you’re going to make a big stink about anything that isn’t completely politically correct.

    “Students have been brainwashed with a culture of political correctness and tolerance. We warn them, and they call it hate speech. If you don’t agree with everything that they believe, they call you intolerant.”
    – Tom Grine

  87. Fratastic says:


  88. new england fratstar says:

    I’m a frat star and pound out sluts on the reg. My stock portfolio is bigger than most and I’m still an undergrad. Overall though I don’t think I’m better than you. I just know I am. TFM. Know your role and shut your mouth.

  89. Stuntin like im Fratty says:

    if your in a frat and you dont find TFM funny your FRAT is NF .

  90. Matt Young says:

    You’re an idiot. You have single handedly create a new group of people that hate Standford. Which is unfortunate because Stanford is an awesome institution. Well done Captain No Clue.


  91. Southern Fratting. says:

    Look, Sasha, obviously you have something against the south if you can’t see through the obvious joke that TFM is. The site doesn’t represent everything that the south is. Yes, some of the statements are degrading, stupid, and outrageous, but they’re just stereotypical jokes. At least we have the ability to make a joke about ourselves and culture. Unlike you, if we were to even hint at you being a liberal socialist like Obama you would take the utmost offense to it. As would the entire west coast. Others have posted and said people already look down on the south, when I visited California and I said I was from Louisiana people would ask me about alligator hunting and was I a country cajun hick and lived in a wooden shack on the bayou…really now? How ignorant is that? It just shows how much ya’ll don’t understand what goes on down here. At the very least traditions. To mention traditions at least we have traditions and are known for how good they are. Southern hospitality, southern belles…ya’ll don’t have anything near that in California.

    I’m no elitist even though I’m in a fraternity. I enjoy everything it entitles too for me and the benefits I have of being from a well off family but my parents aren’t leaving me anything. They’ll get me the connections to get a good job but I have to earn all that’s mine. I bet if you could, Sasha, have a trust fund for your family and all the benefits you just put down as “degrading making us elitist” you would take advantage of. Hell who wouldn’t? And if a site such as TFM appalls you, I hope you never have any power to push your considered “socially” correct norms upon all of us. We are entitled to enjoy whatever we want and make fun of whatever we choose. I’m sorry it offends you but you don’t have to look at it or try to make a public statement about how “upset and horrified” you are at a simple site. To prove you wrong, I even have GDI’s who are close friends of mine who read TFM as well. They enjoy it, and think it’s hilarious and true. They agree about grafic tee’s and all that crap some “GDI’s” where. It’s retarded like jersey shore is. They understand why we make fun of people like that, because any self respecting south fraternity men would never dress or act that way.

    Lastly, Sasha, being the southern gentlemen that I am, I wont try to insult you by leaving a final remark by degrading you as a west coast liberal or any other name that others have left for you so far. Instead I’m going to end my statement with this, I hope when you finally realize how incorrect you are for judging us with this blog that you will post a response stating the flaws in your argument. You obviously don’t know anything about the south and what TFM really is.

  92. kappa sig says:

    Sasha is the epitome of GDI.

  93. Robert J. Ewers IV says:

    when i read this post on my fratberry i almost crashed my frathoe. let me just chime in and say 1) no one cares about your blog. like at all 2) im hungry and i could use a nice sandwich, preferably a turkey melt so get out your george forman, and 3) I havent beaten myself off since 8th grade.

    P.S. Isnt California in a state of Bankrupcy and dont they haved the most inmates on Death Row. Yep, i though so.

    Have a nice life Geed


  94. sassyclassy says:

    1. If you disagree with Sasha’s point of view — which, as has been stated and re-stated ad nauseum, is NOT a rag on the South, Greek life, or any combo thereof — and wish for others to disregard it, you’re not doing yourself any favors by commenting on or forwarding it. You are, in effect, building the foundations upon which her argument and its dissemination stand.
    2. The sorority in which Sasha is a sister was founded and is immensely popular in the South. I would not be at all shocked if a good number of the commenters’ sisters/girlfriends/slampieces are members. Ironyyyyyy… But really, it’s kind of sad to think about, considering that we’re a sorority that (like most) prides itself on a balance of class and craziness.
    3. I love how many generalizations about California (and its 40 million residents) are being drawn from this one blog entry. Way to go, guys. You just made it SO much easier to justify generalizing about your ~3 million population states… not that I’m going to or anything, because generalizations are, by definition, fallacious.
    4. While my original intention was to avoid singling anyone out and risking pettiness (God forbid), I really couldn’t help myself on this one, Eric: It’s a little silly to say that “No one reads blogs, especially your retarded Stanford blog,” because clearly you did. Just sayin.

  95. sassyclassy says:

    You’re only digging those favorite states of yours into a progressively deeper hole. Please, for your own sake, quit while you’re (not) ahead.

  96. Southern Frat Star says:

    Wait…Sasha, do you go to Stanford?

  97. Dennis Reynolds says:

    I would like for sassyclassy to give me a fallacious blowjob until I disseminate in her mouth.

  98. Sasha says:

    @Southern Fratting and everyone else who posted a decent response,
    You are completely right that TFM does not represent the South. Like I have already mentioned, I love the South. I have been to the South. Southern hospitality is an amazing thing that is unmatched anywhere in the US. Anyone that makes ignorant comments about the South (like the ones you and others mentioned) are obviously idiots.

    Furthermore, I want to reiterate that I am not judging YOU, I am judging a website. Anything I said has nothing to do with what I think of you or the South. It has to do with what I think of a website. Ex. I never said that Southern sorority women and fraternity men are elitist. I said that TFM presents you guys, and all sorority women and fraternity men, as elitist. That is a very important distinction.

    You are completely right in that TFM is entitled to post whatever it so chooses to, and you are entitled to feel about it however you so choose. That is one of the greatest things about America. In turn, however, it also means that I am allowed to feel about it however I choose. And if I want to write a blog post about my reaction to the website, then I have the right to, just like you have a right to laugh at the posts (I will admit that some of them are amusing). And to those of you who told me that if I disapproved of TFM, I should just close the browser, I would advice you to do the same if you disapprove of my blog post.

    Also, to repeat what I said earlier, I realize that much of what is said on TFM is a joke. I just believe that some jokes aren’t worth laughing at.

    In this blog post, I was simply trying to make the point that, for those that are NOT involved in Greek life and thus do not know the truth, TFM perpetuates an image of Greek life that I have found to be generally untrue. I was stating that because TFM casts Greek life in a negative light, I disapprove of the website. That was essentially the basic point I was trying to make. I apologize if you took anything I said to be an insult to the South. It was most assuredly not intended that way.

    ~ Sasha

  99. Steven Hesse says:

    She must have missed some of the best TFMs with lots of “nice moves” and approving comments.

    Wasn’t born into old money and I’m the first fratter in the family. But my 4.0 and acceptance to med school tells me the old money starts here. TFM.

    I do not have a trust fund, I am not related to W, and I currently drive a Camry as punishment for wrecking the Frathoe. Despite this, I still frat really, really hard. TFM.

    Sasha, I wish you could buy a sense of humor.

  100. sassyclassy says:

    @Dennis I kind of walked into that one, didn’t I…

  101. An Old Mediator says:

    @Sasha – Honey, I think it’s time for you to stop checking this site. By arguing with people you’re only prolonging the shit to be spewed. Take this as having been an experience in your life and move on. I’m sure you’re a nice girl who has more important things to do than argue over this issue.

    @ Everyone else – As a strong Republican who now lives in Seattle, I’m used to posting on liberal sites and getting shot down with a thousand ugly comments such as these. In trying to defend my opinion (one that you and I share) I get ridiculed and written off as a know-nothing twit whose ideals are based in fairy tales and lies. It sucks to try to voice an opinion and have it shot down all the time. I don’t know how often that happens to any of you as I believe most of you still live in the south where our views are prominent, but would you really want to do that to someone else? By spouting insults when we disagree we don’t get anywhere. Anyone can call someone else a fag, but it takes a strong person to instigate a conversation when views are opposed. And even if you don’t want to discuss it with her, is tearing down one innocent girl who raised her voice really what you want to be spending your time doing?

  102. michael swanson says:

    this is why women should not be allowed to go to college.

  103. Robert J. Ewers IV says:

    STAMP ^

  104. John Frat says:

    And yet she got into a school you didn’t get into.

  105. RC says:

    Yes, we all agree that TFM is a joke. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, and it can be pretty funny at times.

    But the emotions behind these responses are not jokes. They’re real, and mean. So much hatred, over a website?

    I know some feel that their culture and homes are being attacked here. It’s natural to respond with a little bit of vehemence. But the nastiness isn’t necessary.

    Come on guys! Defend the South with the kind of gentlemanly intelligence I know you’re capable of!

  106. Jake says:

    I agree. As Southerners with old money, we are extremely different from both the East and West coasts. However, I have to admit that Stanford is an amazing school. Wish I had gotten in.

    Stop hating on this girl. Name-calling is NF. Have some class, gentlemen.

  107. Drew says:

    Donated a bunch of clothes to Goodwill this Christmas, so homeless people can look frat too. TFM.

  108. Sasha says:

    First of all, this isin’t SASHA so for the ignorant Southerner’s YES I SAID IT, know that someone (probably from the South) was posing as sasha. All I want to say is…..come Jan 10t. OREGON will defeat Auburn, and as usual PAC-10 will continue its Superiority over the lousy uneducated SEC!!!!!
    -I sound like a southerner don’t I…but from the west coast/pac-10 hmmm……..think about that..:)

  109. UT MBA says:

    Sounds like someone has daddy issues

  110. UT MBA says:


    By the way I’ll be in your area next month on business so remember… No Mayo, light on the mustard and extra tomatoes

  111. The South Will Rise Again says:

    @Sasha, @sassyclassy, @Lilly, and @ you all other tree-hugging socialist liberals,

    As someone in a fraternity at Duke (I hate to name-drop like that, but you, Sasha, seemed intent on ensuring we all fully appreciated your ostensible Stanford superiority), I am stunned by your irony in writing this blog post. Do you honestly think that all the “negative” stereotypes perpetuated ad nauseam on put the Greek community as a whole to shame, and reinforce poor perception of Greek life everywhere? By that same token, all of these anti-TFM posts from feminist Obama geeds out in California provide new ammunition for one of’s most popular topics: bashing West Coasters for their absurdly brainwashed liberal views. Just as you can take a joke website like TFM as being stereotypical of all Greek members out there, so can we take y’all’s ridiculous views as being emblematic of greater West Coast socialism/GDI-ism. Give me a fucking break.

    Get a sense of humor. If you think that every TSM poster actually believes that her cookies and sandwiches are going to get her through life, you’re wrong. It’s called self-deprecating humor, Sasha — you uptight Nancy Pelosi wannabe. Y’all don’t understand how to frat properly out there, and don’t understand how to vote properly either. You think you can namedrop “Stanford” and automatically be way more entitled to your opinion than anyone else. But you probably don’t even understand basic political and economic fundamentals. The Hoover Institution is on your campus — go learn from it.

    Sorry that you don’t have a sense of humor. Sorry you probably don’t have any money. But I’m not sorry for TFM.

    Frat on, TFMers

  112. PHD in fratting says:

    Who let this chick out of the kitchen and gave her internet access?? The only blog she should be writing is “how to make a proper sandwich” and “how to keep a fratdaddy happy” learn your place in life! Be thankful you were allowed to attend a school where you might get lucky and meet someone who makes decent money. And I actually like my sandwich with mayonnaise

  113. Whatever says:

    I will pray for all of you.

  114. Cali Girl says:

    Sasha, you’re pretty pathetic.

    I totally agree with Southern Fratting. – it should be obvious to you that the comments on the website are done tongue-in cheek, but you’re this starry-eyed stupid liberal hippie who is offended if we call the holiday break Christmas because not every person is Christian. Look, if you’re so offended by the commentary and passed jokes, maybe you don’t belong to the greek system after all. You’re obviously not cool enough to be part of it seeing how you get pissy over something so small. It’s also a shame that because of you and people like you, the South and East Coast people have this negative ultra-hippie view of California.

    p.s. I love making a sandwich for my fratdaddy – he loves doing the same for me.

  115. Ammen Winner says:

    “Sasha says:
    December 21st, 2010 at 6:51 pm
    Okay, I am sorry everyone. You are right. I am dropping out of college. Why do I need a degree to make sandwiches and babies?!!”

    Victory on Founders’ Day! Even though it’s only sarcasm its a step in the right direction. But then again you don’t understand the concept of sarcasm so maybe you did do the right thing you dirty geed.

    Will see all you brothers at convention in AZ.

  116. TFM=fratUNtastic says:

    I completely agree with you on this. And no, I’m not from the West! The only reason I found this disgusting site is because a frat-tard from my school (and from the frat that FINALLY got chartered 5 years after they started trying… and are nothing on campus) because he thinks he is awesome and posts this shit as his status all the time. These are the legit douchebags… And I’m definitely in a social sorority, NOT an academic or service sorority. I don’t ever want to be compared to the dumb bimbos that are portrayed in the TSM either! They all need to show some class, and grow up. What, do they think they can act like this in the real world, and that life will really tolerate their BS?

  117. Fratting Hard says:

    Everytime this chick writes a blog a fratdaddy misses a meal… This girl would never make my slampiece rotation

  118. go hokies! says:

    Sasha, it’s only a joke. Don’t take life or humor so seriously. If you don’t like TFM then don’t read it, simple. Oh, and you spelled four loko wrong. Show some respect.

  119. lane kiffin says:

    I am really sorry that all the girls in your sorority are fat, you dont know how to party, and that you go to possibly the most geed school in the nation. Take your feminist bull shit back to the library while the rest of us greeks continue to frat on .
    p.s.- you probably voted for obama didnt you

  120. FratasFuck says:

    “I go to Stanford. I’m not dumb.”
    “Being part of Greek life doesn’t make you automatically better than everyone else.”

    Going to Stanford doesn’t automatically make you better or smarter than everyone else…dumb cunt. I go to fucking Princeton and I even know that.

  121. Southern Fratting. says:

    Sasha, I would first like to thank you for clarifying what you meant and acknowledging at least some of the grievances that a few of us southerns have had. I don’t think it’s your opinion that everyone was truly mad at but hey way they perceived how you thought and was in a sense “bashing or hating” on the south, or their beloved TFM site. At least you have the courage to stand up and voice your opinion and the ability thankfully to explain it and correctly instead of hate bashing back. The best defense can be a good offense.

    Secondly you are correct that site does, in a sense, degrade all fraternity and sorority/greek people. However, as I said earlier if you don’t like it don’t visit it or give it the attention you don’t think it deserves. I understand you want to point out its flaws and your entitled to it, but at the same time somethings are just left for those who enjoy it and want it. A lot of the people your arguing with don’t give a fuck, and wont listen to anything anyone has to say outside their small circle. I feel your pain I deal with them too on a regular basis at LSU. However you can’t let them get under your skin. I’ll admit I frequent TFM all the time, I think its hilarious. My fraternity brothers and I find it hilarious and talk about it and use the tfm’s all the time around campus. But we would never say that to anyone not greek as a way to put them down. We have more class then that. Like many other greeks we would never do that to someone’s face. For example the TFM’s about spitting dip at hippies or cutting up hackie sacks I agree its stupid, even though if I saw it, it’s sad to say I may laugh at it.

    Lastly, Sasha, being someone not from the south that is why you are such a big target, which I’m sure you can tell. Also, at least you admitted some where funny, as much as people may hate the site, people you got to admit some of them are quit funny and stereotypical. Don’t forget, although many are degrading and demeaning, most TFM’s are less than 2 sentences long and have no contextual and realistic meaning associated with them. But what makes them so fun to us southerner’s is that many of us have either A) experienced this so far in college, B) know someone who has, or C) helps to put a stamp on what we are as a group or culture. We may not take it all to heart or agree with every aspect of it but it at least gives us all something to gather around and laugh at. Here’s an example, a little going away joke we use, maybe it’ll help put all this arrogance we have into perspective for yah,

    Frat Hard, Live Easy Sasha.

    p.s., please keep responding, I’m personally curious to see what you have think others have to say with their comments.

  122. southern living says:

    @southern fratting: you sound like geed and you need to learn to spell

  123. southern living says:

    @southern fratting: you sound like a geed and you need to learn to spell

  124. Mike Samson says:

    Keep telling yourself you go to Stanford, maybe that’ll make you feel better about yourself. I’ve got some news for you, you’re never going to make it in the real world, you dumb ass bitch.
    And guess what, you’re not the only person on this page that goes to a good school. I go to Harvard, so what??

  125. Mike Samson says:

    And yeah, you look belong to some fat bitch sorority haha

  126. keep it fratty says:

    She probably thinks “Glory Daze” is a good show

  127. TexasPHD says:


  128. California Girl says:

    Way to go Sasha, not only have you caused so many people to hate your school you’ve caused them to hate the beautiful state of California as well. Greek life is probably a lot different at liberal institutions. And like someone said a service or academic organization does not really count. If you are in a social sorority, you’re probably in the bottom tier. If you weren’t so boring and uptight you would have found the website humorous. I’m in a sorority myself, and I always shrug it off when GDIs try to judge the Greek system. From the outside you will never understand it.
    Ps- I love my fratdaddy, and he makes me sandwiches :)

  129. southern mason dixon says:

    She’s really a GDI who didn’t get a bid. She should focus more on making sandwiches, baking cookies and making babies. She wouldn’t even make my top 10 slampiece rotation

  130. Diamonds&Pearls says:

    While I respect that this blog is solely your opinion I suggest that in the future you use the critical thinking skills I am sure Stanford has provided you with. I am in complete unison with previous posters that have made it clear that is satire (as you have acknowledged). If I am understanding correctly, your problem with TFM is that it perpetuates negative Greek life stereotypes however anyone worth their tuition can tell that posts are gross exaggerations in the name of humor. With that being said, I am a better person now that I am in a sorority and I very much enjoy Greek life culture. I am a business law major but I love cooking and cleaning up after my fratdaddy. If anything, the stereotypes we are perpetuating are that sorority women (especially those with southern values) are not only intelligent but make damn good mothers and wives. TFM reflects that once you actually pay attention to the culture surrounding the posts rather than just taking offense at “political incorrectness” of the words.

  131. Stanford Graduate says:

    I graduated from Stanford and was in a Fraternity. I grew up in Georgia and only attended Stanford because of their Pre-med program. My fratenity fratted just as hard as my friends who attended SECschools. Sasha is obviously a dike who didn’t get a bid from a decent sorority. She should shut her mouth and not give my house a bad name by associating her ignorance with greek life at my school. Some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten were made by sorority girls at Stanford.

  132. i have enough slampieces to field a football team says:


  133. Reaal purty says:

    Aww honey, don’t be hating if every pretty sorority girl’s got a fratdaddy to make her a sandwich but you don’t!
    You might eventually get one too …. hahahahah who am I kidding?! You’re not good enough

  134. Hill Country says:

    For Fucks sake, I absolutely hate it when liberals get this staunch idea of “Oh shit! this just doesn’t fit my standards! I’m going to go write and blog about it, and spread my OWN ideas to the world!”

    Whether you meant for this to go viral and have so many people notice it and respond or not it did; you should have considered that when you openly criticized a site that so many damn people frequent! Fuck. It’s fucking irritating, not this case in particular, but just this prime example of damn liberals taking one small thing, getting their foot in the door, and screaming about this 1 small detail till they’re hoarse.

    Back to the topic here. Just please fuck off. And do not justify your credentials in your reasoning. Saying i’m not dumb is fucking retarded.

  135. my slampiece makes a better sandwich than your slampiece says:

    Her boyfriend is the assistant manager at Hollister

  136. Tri-delt chick says:

    Wow I just have my fingers crossed that you may not be a tri-delt. That would be an atrocity. I would deactive right away. Please please please, o Lordy, please don’t let this libral hairy hippie be a tridelt!!!
    Eitherway, you are a disgrace to any sorority that you a part of. I feel extremely sorry for the rest of the girls you are bringing down

  137. Northern Evaston says:

    As a student at Northwestern who has absolutely nothing to do with Greek life, but grew up and attended grade school in the Southern education system; I would have to say that your article comes off as completely biased, way to analytical/critical, and honestly just over thinking a simple website. Something to consider is that Greek life in your region is most likely something completely different from Greek life in other regions of the nation. It is a fictitious joke website, that absolutely thrives off of ludicrous posts. The larger the quantity of absurd posts, the larger the quantity of visitors, thus a larger revenue brought in from advertisement. In the end it is to produce profits, plain and simple. Do not read into it beyond that.

    It is the internet, if you would like to find a post-style website to seriously complain about, I would suggest you look into a site called; and publish a blog discussing how it downgrades the perceived quality of the world’s top tier nations’ internet-accessible populace.

  138. SEC_AA1861 says:

    TFM is not satire….fucking canadians

  139. CDH says:

    Sasha, 5 things:
    1) It’s ultra-liberal scumbags like you that are ruining this country.
    2) If you don’t like TFM then don’t go look at it. For example, I don’t like seeing parasites of this country so I avoid Wal-Mart and Dollar General.
    3) The deep sense of your disgust for TFM comes from your innately idiotic Left Coast views of political correctness. For example, the crackhead down the street and I are not equal because the taxes out of my check support his lifestyle, and therefore, he depends on me; I can safely say that yes, I am his superior.
    4) Much like your state and political tendencies, TFM is a joke.
    5) Writing a blog about your problem is obviously not the best way to solve said problem; next time you decide to ejaculate liberal, politically correct bullshit all over the internet, you should expect just as much criticism.

  140. Disappointed says:

    Well, we’re about 140 comments in, and what have we learned?

    We’ve seen that clearly Sasha made a mistake in drawing the South and conservative values into this. Yes, the (however ironic) image of the “TFM Fratter” is apparently generally one of a certain level of privilege and old money, which are often associated with Souther conservative bloc. However, pointing fingers and making these political and social generalizations in an article that’s very purpose is to call people out for their own offensive attitudes only serves to weaken Sasha’s position and functions as a massive catalyst for further name-calling and insults from those who feel attacked by her comments.

    And that’s really where the issue starts. Regardless of what is posted of and similar sites (I have not read them, nor do I intend to. I am not in a frat, but the Greek system is more than entitled to do whatever it wants with all of the forums, blogs, newsletters, and other communications it has use for), the commenters on this blog have by-and-large done nothing but suggest that Sasha’s initial comments (which I have already agreed were, while a totally valid opinion, poorly phrased and incendiary) were accurate. To my knowledge, Sasha did not log onto and start directly insulting its users and the opinions they hold. However, the vast majority of the people who commented on Sasha’s own blog came here specifically to insult her and her work to various degrees of personal, sexual, regional, and political offense.

    Shame on you.

    I don’t care how satirical your responses may or may not have been. I don’t care how proud you are of your colleges or your Greek life. I don’t care that the Internet is a place for free expression (it is) or that your opinions are perfectly valid (they are).

    I’m not judging you, and I don’t think I am better than you. But, though I may be a “Californian, Obama-loving, pro-healthcare, pot-smoking, liberal geed” (okay, you caught me), at least I know when it’s appropriate to make an off-color joke, and how to phrase my displeasure and opposition to someone else’s viewpoints. You don’t shit in a stranger’s living room, and you don’t log onto someone else’s blog just to call them an idiot and start throwing around homophobic, misogynistic, and otherwise disgusting language.

    All you have achieved here is to make yourselves look like a vicious, intolerant lot, and I know you can be so much better. You are university-educated students, many of whom are enrolled at incredibly prestigious institutions, and most of whom (to my knowledge) are members of equally impressive Greek organizations. Organizations largely designed to make you better students, kinder neighbors, and more effective communicators. So please, do yourselves a favor, and think about how you really want to represent yourself and those like you before you hit that “Submit Comment” button.

    So far, some thirty-odd people have posted something constructive or tried to have a reasoned discussion of the image of itself that Greek society presents to the world. To those people: thanks. That’s all.

  141. i have enough slampieces to field a football team says:

    @dissapointed: you are a GEED!

  142. Fraternally says:


  143. Fratty Since ’86 says:

    Sasha- You claim there is racism on TFM, please show me ONE post on the entire website that directly makes fun of another race.

  144. AndyBroddick says:

    TFM is FAF. Your just jealous that you have to pay back a huge loan for college, are probably not going to get a job with your art history major, have not had the privilege of making sandwiches and fulfilling all of the essential needs any fratstars and lastly were too fat and ugly to get into any decent sorority which you realized at a young age, leading to your hard work only to be in the same place you starred. And since you mentioned that you go to Stanford 4 different times i thought i should tell you: NOBODY CARES. I’m going to take my 3.9 at Mizzou and work for my dads company where i will instantly earn several hundred thousand dollars per year. Jealously is NF.

  145. Try the Search Function says:

    @ Fratty Since ’86

    “Took 4 suits to the dry cleaner after sitting in a pile on the floor. Asian dude had to pull a coozie out of each back pocket. I told him to go ahead and dry clean those too. TFM.”

  146. Try the Search Function says:

    @ Fratty SInce ’86

    Ah, my bad; I linked the wrong one.

    “The dean told us we needed to diversify. We made an asian chic our sweetheart and called her our “tokyo rose”. TFM”

  147. Lo says:


    Maybe your dad’s company will teach you how to spell.

  148. Charles Munger says:

    Hopefully this comment will be read by the Sasha, even though it is far down the page.

    Me: (skip if you don’t care about my frat scorecard)
    I’m an engineering student at a California university, and a founding father of the DTD chapter on campus. I come from new money, but a lot of new money. My grandfather just donated a $40 million dollar law dorm to your school.

    Thank you for a candid view on the insult that is TFM. Celebrating dysfunctional lifestyles is funny on textslastnight, but TLN doesn’t besmirch the reputation of a community that’s supposed to be leading. The legions of posters who have written ignorant and hateful comments on you post are the problem.

    Continue to push your sorority forward as I’m sure you’re already doing, and take some pleasure in knowing that men who actually have the opportunities bragged about on TFM are growing in the Greek system.

    To those who idolize TFM:
    Give up. Your family might have a prop plane maybe even a jet, but that doesn’t make you better than me. My grandfather’s got a fleet of planes. Even if material possessions were an important part of one’s character, you’d still be nowhere – how many houses does your family own? If you can count them all without forgetting any, you aren’t as rich as my family. I say this not to brag, but to offer you a reality check from someone you can’t dismiss as a “geed”, or poor. Do not embarrass the Greek system with classless posts on TFM.

  149. Hazing? says:

    impersonating Charlie Munger = NF

    I’m sure the “Official” Stanford Blog if there ever was one would never post such an NF article as this one… poor Standford getting a bad rep for an outliers negative views. Articles like this are ones that keep you from getting the “un” off of your unofficial stanford blog.

  150. Theonlywaytogo says:


    I am in a sorority in the south and I too am appalled by the things written on TFM. I work to put myself through school and to pay my dues. I have had a job since I was 15, as have many of my sisters in my chapter. I just wanted to let you know that not every greek chapter in the south is as arrogant and obnoxious as the ones posting on TFM.

  151. Fratterday says:

    Writing a blog = NF. What is this Xanga? Get a life geed.

  152. Shagging and Shucking says:

    Isn’t there a war going on?

  153. George W is still President says:

    Sasha is probably in a math sorority, don’t lie to us.

  154. Lady of the Lions says:

    Thought this was an interesting TFM especially for a GDI who claims Cali if better than the south. but wait?

    Born and raised in California. Boarding school in New York. College in Alabama. A career in D.C. It’s called the circle of life geed. TFM.
    – admiral fratster III

    Also- sitting at work right now so my Fratdaddy can sit at home and do nothing. Then going home to make him dinner. Grew up all in Germany, still have no problem waiting on a man!

  155. KAPPA SWIG says:

    We all know what being in a fraternity is really about but let us have our fun…that website is not for GDI’s eyes…”Anyone who works hard (in school, in their job, in anything besides “fratting it up”), lives anywhere besides the South, doesn’t have a large trust fund, has different political ideas (a.k.a. is not a Republican), or isn’t part of Greek life is NF and therefore is to be relegated to below-human status.”
    Its not that you’re below human status its just that we’re far above it…stop bitching about what you feel is right…you’re obviously in some business sorority or some BS and you probably cant even make a decent sandwich…so hit the kitchen hunny and stop writing…journalism is a mans profession.

  156. Lindsey says:

    First of all, anyone bashing the writer of this blog is a hypocrite. Those who say “don’t go to if you’re offended and don’t want to read it”- don’t read this blog if you’re completely repulsed by it. Second, anyone angered by the way the way Sasha stereotyped the typical fratstar is also a hypocrite. In fact, I would argue that one of the highlights of the website is to perpetuate the stereotype of an elitist, conservative, Southern fraternity man, part womanizer, part gentleman. It is quite obvious through the various TFM posts and comments on the site that pride in this sort of lifestyle runs strong. That being said, I understand that is all in good fun. Yes, I am a liberal. Yes, I belive women deserve equal rights (I still shave and wear a bra). However, I have enough of a sense of humor to read TFM and even find myself frequently laughing at posts. I live in New England. I don’t think of W as one of my idols. I don’t wear pearls everyday and admittedly, I don’t make the greatest sandwiches. But in the end, is a humorous website set up for entertaintment. My only gripe is that people from the South repeatedly label anyone from any other location as GDIs. There is more than one way to frat. But certain things are true of every frat or sorority all over the country, hence why each organization has Nationals, to bind them together. Basically, being in a frat or sorority makes you elite on certain levels, and sharing your college experiences on TFM is fun.

  157. SECcrownprincess says:

    I am southern born and bred and in a top tier SEC sorority. Our Greek life is top 5 in the nation. TFM is a comical website. Some are serious and most are CLEARLY jokes. There is no reason for you to be so offended by it. has its own way of bringing the Greek communities around the country together. I understand that West Coast greeks are a LOT different then the South/East/Midwest…but there is a reason we are homes of the best greek systems in the country. We raise more money for our philanthropies, we have the largest chapters..etc. The website is degrading to women only if you want it to be. I’ll make cookies for my favorite Fraternities all day but I still maintain a 3.9 GPA and a spot in the Honors college. All greeks have earned the right to feel somewhat superior, not because of our families money necessarily but for all of the volunteer hours, school promoting, people in SGA/Law Schools/Buisness Schools/Politics and our overall top GPA’s. It sets us apart, which is what having letters in the first place is aimed to do. Yes, Ive made lifelong friends within my sisters and within panhellenic but most importantly, Ive made high up contacts for the future in fields I’d like to involve myself in. Every social,swap,date party,formal,and tailgate brings awesome PR and with it we should be allowed to feel good about ourselves and post accordingly.

  158. Southern Gentleman says:

    explain that, GDI.

  159. C says:

    In the “popular this week” category you see “Our Athletes Are Better Than Yours”…classsssyy..wait you dont get that joke do you?

  160. frattacular says:

    No one have even read this if it hadn’t made it to TFM haha. Someone’s sad they don’t have a whale department store in the mall. “I’m not dumb, I go to Stanford” what did you say about acting like you’re better?” Enjoy unemployment geed.

  161. FrAtkinson says:

    You are probably in an academic fraternity like Alpha Chi Epsilon or some other bull shit fake one, ya geed.

  162. PHIgamm says:

    Think of all the sandwiches this woman could have made in the time it took her to write this disgusting rag of an article. TFM

  163. Fratober Fest says:

    I heard Sasha hasn’t seen one up close.

  164. 1848 says:

    While upholding the values of our fraternities and soroities is great and all that jazz… I rarely find any soroity or fraternity that actually focuses on the values it was founded on.

    Mainly all greek life, everywhere, revolves around socializing with eachother and (if your at a non-party school) community service. So I find it pointless to say “The posters on continue to perpetuate the stereotype of fraternity men and sorority women as dumb kids who only care about partying.”

    I challenge you to tell me when the last time any soroity or fraternity anywhere was on the news for doing something for their community? I’m sure its out there somewhere… but the point is TFM isn’t perpetuating the stereotype, the reality is perpetuating the stereotype.

    Boo hoo sad story greek life is about socializing, not the values our organizations were founded on. I actually belong to a respectable fraternity that enforces alcohol free housing (there is only one other fraternity that has anything similar which does so for failure to meet GPA) but even in our fraternity we focus on socializing. Partying is engraved into greek life.

    C’mon you’re gonna write a blog demonizing TFM when your problem is with the greek life syste,…That’s like blaming poverty on poor people… or saying that they are perpetuating poverty by being poor. If you want greek life to get better stop partying and start focusing on your soroity’s values…If you already do that then take a leadership position in your soroity until your soroity does that. If your soroity already does that then take a position nationally because I can ASSURE you that your soroity overall DOES NOT do that. Then once you accomplish that convince other organization to do that and maybe you’ll make the changes you want.

    (As an aside I laugh when I hear soroity girls “dropping” their soroity or being “dropped” by their soroity. Its kinda a big deal if you get expelled from our fraternity and girls just act like it isn’t. Some life long friends right?)


    “3) To all of you who used either your real email address (or worse your school email address) or who included your fraternal organization in your name, I am sure the administration at your school or your Nationals would be appalled to see how you are representing yourself. Think about how much trouble one email to your school forwarding your email address and your comment could cause. Or think about what could happen to your chapter if your comment and school affiliation was forwarded to Nationals. But I wouldn’t do that. Because (I don’t care how much you disagree with me on this point) I have class.”

    I believe in free speech and gun rights (so did Thomas Jefferson ever hear of that guy? He’s kinda a big deal) and I urge you to email my school what I wrote or my “nationals” (which our fraternity doesn’t have) but anyways…the issue is that making such a threat is not very “classy”, just saying.

  165. Classy Not Trashy says:

    I myself attend a southern university and am part of a very well known and respected sorority. I read TFM and my sisters and I happily post them on our facebook walls when one is witty or comical. I can bake cookies and a meal, and I also maintain a high GPA due to my Pre-Dental/Biology major. I have high morals and class, but I also like to party and have a good time. I also have no intention of getting my MRS degree. TFM is a website much like FML, MLIA, or Texts from Last Night. People submit posts which are supposed to be humorous, albeit mostly conjured up, stories about how great Greek life is. The website is geared towards Greeks, hence the abbreviations NFs, GDIs, Geeds. There are not many people who would be interested in reading TFM if they were not a part of a Greek organization. Therefore, the joke may continue without perpetuating a negative image of Greeks or degrading sorority women, considering the vast majority of people who post and read TFM are, in fact, Greek, and know the purpose of the website and can understand its humor.

  166. Mr. Brojoangles says:

    Sasha, I’m in a Fraternity about as north as you can get, we do more community service then you’ve probably thought of in your stuck up Stanford existance, and although we arn’t from the south we are getnlemen all the same. TFM is a way for fraternity men and sorority women to make eachother laugh on a country wide level. Learn to take a joke or don’t go to the site.

    I look forward to your upcomming articles “How yo mama sites are disrespecting mothers, and “How texts from last night is perpetuating the American sterotype”. (Both True, but who gives a shit?)

  167. Jeff says:

    Sasha u have just reaffirmed all the reasons why Greeks dont like Liberal GDIs

  168. 3.2.1 The South Shoulda Won says:

    She probably voted for Obama too.

  169. I go to OU. I’m not dumb. says:

    If you don’t believe in status and money, then why are you going to a school which costs more than $50,000 a year. Idiot. Your paying for the name on your degree, just like greeks join the best houses to look good.

  170. Hostess with the Mostess says:

    You can’t spell Yurman and you are pretending to be some sort of respectable journalist?! As a future fox blond, an excellent sandwich maker, I am appalled that you used your sub-par journalism skills to apprehend an upstanding lifestyle that would make no such mistake! Also, the threat about emailing students universities and nationals is classless. Really sweetie, one day when you’re getting my coffee and day dreaming about the rock on my finger you will rethink these comments. Maybe you’ll do it soon because all these frat stars are helping you see your errors. You’re welcome xoxo

  171. Fratwall Jackson says:

    I have spent less than 2 days of my life above the Mason Dixon line, and I am fiercely proud of our way of life. I also understand that some people can’t grasp sarcasm- and for those people, TFM is a horrendous site to go to, because I think there are very few people who live their life by the principles it espouses. But you, being a self-proclaimed intelligent citizen with a non-“archaic” way of thinking, you should not be one of them.
    You said you would respond to serious commentary whether it took your side or opposed it. However, as several other posters have noted, there is a gross inconsistency in your stance:
    ” Maybe it is because I go to school in California (OH NO!), but these ideas seem ridiculously archaic”
    “I go to Stanford. I’m not dumb. ”
    Now, perhaps my post is not “intelligent” enough to merit your response, and since I do not go to Stanford, my opinion means less than yours, but if you’re going to take the high road, you can’t ignore glaring problems within your argument. You can sit on your California high horse all you want, but you look just as arrogant as TFM when you consider yourself and your ideals superior because of where you go to school and where you live. (A point of personal pride- at least the South isn’t as bankrupt as California, which is governed by a steroid-abusing fool).
    I recognize that there are regional rivalries- people in Boston look down on us, and the South looks down on them. But I don’t think that these rivalries merit the kind of disdain and appall you think they do. What your article did open my eyes to, however, is that my worries over whether TFM goes too far were unmerited, because the comments of the people they’re making fun of are just as arrogant and self-righteous as their own “satirical” posts.
    And if your point is that TFM extends a stereotype to Greek life that you find reprehensible, then I can personally soothe your mind by saying that they would never consider the Greek system of Standford to be the peer of their own. I think you’re outrage is understandable, but only because you didn’t remove your own ideals and personal bias from the situation to see the bigger picture. In doing so, you fell into the pitfall of inconsistency, and as such I eagerly await your late explanation as to why going to Stanford makes your intellectual acumen unassailable.
    Keep in mind that Bush went to Yale (are you ready to admit he is brilliant?), and there is a Grad School at Harvard named after Kennedy (a man who had to be talked into civil rights by his brother).
    Class is all about humility when you’re presenting your opinion, and liberal ideology is mostly about taking the high road. If you really hold these beliefs of yours so sacred, I suggest you stick to them or else you just look hypocritical.

    On a personal note, I’d just like to say that I can’t wait to watch Taylor wreak havoc on that joke y’all call a defense.

  172. Brobe Won Kinobe says:

    The hypocritical nature of this blog is laughable. You endlessly attempt to give voice your consternation stemming from the “archaic” and “stereotypical” nature of the site, all the while injecting back-handed condescension. Did you ever think, even for a second, that maybe you sounded completely ridiculous while you were writing this? I go to school in the Pacific NW, a region crawling with liberal GDIs, but I some how manage to see beyond all the “stuck-up, uneducated, misogynistic” content. Or, to put it eloquently, “I go to UW. I’m not dumb.”

    I hope that one day your proud, fraternity-loving boss googles your name and reads this blog, leading to a “new understanding” of your abilities. Oh man the irony: you will have self-perpetuated the glass ceiling by bitching about stereotypes in your glory days as a high and mighty Cardinal. Maybe all this (unwarranted) traffic that fratstars around the country have given you will lead to a deal with the NY Times, or at least attract the attention of a new-money Silicon Valley up-and-comer. Regardless, go ahead and finish that sandwich, blog about how the NFL should stop promoting reverse-racism and get more white running backs, and have a great life.

    X-Got In to Stanford

  173. Emily Brost says:

    Having class and being a lady are very similar in the respect that if you have to tell people you have class or are a lady you aren’t.

  174. Brohammad Ali says:

    As much as I agree with how you classify people who post on the site, as it has been pointed out, most of it is sarcasm or done in good fun. Maybe try to take this less seriously. It’s not like they are out committing hate-crimes against GDIs. Also, I hope you knew you were going to get majorly trolled about this. Good article though…

  175. Brochacho says:

    I am socially liberal, pot-smoking, & middle class. Live on the West Coast. It’s very Geed, gotta admit. But TFM is funny as shit. If you are from Stanford smoke a bowl and laugh at this shit like the rest of us.

  176. YourMotherWillLoveMe says:

    As someone who lived half an hour from her beloved Stanford for 10 years (not by choice) and now is in a sorority at an SEC school, I would like to inform everyone that her views parallel the views of far too many Californians. They believe that we must accept everything (gay marriage, redistribution of wealth, etc.) and everyone (gays, geeds, criminals, illegal immigrants, etc) however if you don’t accept those ideas or people, you my friend are not accepted. It’s hypocritical and the reason I so desperately wanted to leave the horrid state. Because TFM (when taken seriously) bashes westerners, northerners, and geeds, we are not being accepted.

    “never taken offense to the phrase ‘make me a sandwich’ I make a damn good sandwich. TSM. “

  177. Auburn Frat says:

    Being in a Fraternity doesn’t make your better than everyone else. Your in a fraternity because your better than everyone else.

  178. Sperry Fratmas! says:

    the unofficial stanford blog = NF.

    suck on some sarcasm you GDI

  179. Frattius Maximus says:

    Sasha… please just stop… you’re digging yourself into a bigger and bigger hole. Sorry you didn’t get in to any of the popular sororities and that California greek life is primarily made up of GDI’s with letters. Keep your sob stories to yourself and maybe you’ll be able to save some of your self-esteem. Merry Christmas everyone! Frat hard or die trying.

  180. frat* says:

    @Auburn frat – someone already made that joke HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Sucks to come in second huh? Just wait til Jan 10 BOY!

  181. Andrew says:

    As a Southerner myself, I’m truly saddened by the comments of some these Southern Greeks. I was raised to believe that men should behave as gentlemen. No one, man or woman, should be addressed in the manner displayed in many of these comments.

    More importantly, there is nothing wrong with having a differing opinion – more power to those who do. But being combative and derogatory only reflects on the lack of logical thought of the speaker. If this string of commentators is any indication of the who the “future leaders of America” are, I’m investing in some serious Prozac.

  182. The Greatest Trust Fund Frat Daddy Ever says:

    Sasha, what your telling me is that your a GDI butt-fucking, cargo short loving, terrible baking, liberal cunt who can’t comprehend success that doesn’t come from pushing papers and working your ass off. Oh wait… California. GDI. Below the Mason Dixon Line. TFM. Same-sex marriage. NF. Having Multiple Slampieces. TFM. Barack Obama. NF. Robert E. Lee. TFM

  183. VAgirl@Stanford says:

    thank you, Sasha. love your article and am completely embarrassed/disgusted by the TFM website and the above comments.

  184. True Class says:

    First, let me say, I’m from Texas and am a member of a SEC sorority. I have morals. I have ideals. I also have a trust fund. As much as I want a husband to love and cherish and wait on (I’m a good cook and clean), I want to be able to do certain things for myself. I do party, but I also raise money for philanthropies. I share a bond with some of the most wonderful women in the South.
    The comments bashing Sasha are so counterproductive. Her argument is that TFM perpetuates the negative stereotype that Greek life has acquired. We’re trying to defend that it does not. But look at all our nasty comments. Every fraternity man and sorority woman that insults Sasha is just adding to the stereotype. Its ridiculous. Look at us. As members of Greek life, we should all be supporting each other no matter what demographic anyone else comes from. We are the leaders of tomorrow. What would your voters or employees think if they knew what you were saying now? I do not think respect.
    TFM is a funny website. I read it. It is funny because of the ridiculousness that it presents. However, it is at our own cost. Many people read it and think that all the posters truly believe that they are better than GDIs and blaah blaah blaah(though, admittedly, there are some that think they’re better). It does stain our reputation… There really isn’t much of a way for us to poke fun at ourselves and others not take it seriously.
    Insecure people, which should not be people of Greek organizations, should not have to brag for what they’re worth and so on. By being part of fraternities and sororities, we mold ourselves into the best. Why brag? Did Jesus run around ranting that he’s the Son of God? No.
    I hope we can all rise up, the South, the North, the East, the West, and fix this problem. Not of TFM, but of the stereotype. Think of movies like Sydney White and The House Bunny or the TV show Glory Daze. That’s how the nation sees us. We want them to see what we truly are: intelligent leaders who know where they stand.
    I’m prepared for sandwich comments and “damn GDI comments.” Honestly, I will not care, because it is reflecting on your own “class.” (Certainly not the same as Robert E. Lee meant it, nowadays).

  185. The Wisest of the Frat Stars says:


    Who are you to comment on culture? Some women enjoy filling traditional roles that you find demeaning. Culture is different around the world, who are you to try and call someone wrong for wanting to cook, clean and make sandwiches? You are just like the Nazis, trying to eradicate a culture that you PERCEIVE as inferior. “Progressive” is a matter of opinion. If someone enjoys doing something and finds pride in doing it well, who are you to tell them they are wrong and archaic? This website pokes fun and idolizes certain aspects of a specific regional cultures, as an outsider you should have an appreciation for a culture different from your own rather than criticizing it. Your intolerance is laughable. You are the California progressive type that thinks their view is the golden standard to measure everything against. Well guess what YOU ARE WRONG! I hope this is a lesson to you not to attack something you don’t understand. Especially a concept that is too big for your little Stanford brain to understand.

    Like someone before me said have fun blogging the rest of your life, you are probably bottom of your class at Stanford and will never amount to anything. Where you get your degree means nothing especially if don’t know what you are talking about. My Grandfather graduated from Stanford in 2 years, he said he learned nothing (he went on to become a VERY successful doctor) looks like it hasn’t changed.

    My ancestors were here pre-American Revolution. You are a disgrace to everything my ancestors fought for and do not deserve the liberties you were granted by their hard work. Get out of my country until you learn some tolerance and class.

    Born in CO, Raised in VA, Educated in OH, Acceptant of ALL cultures. Southerners keep your class.

    THE Alpha

  186. Sasha says:

    @ Fratwall Jackson, The Wisest of Frat Stars, and everyone else,

    This will be my last response to comments.

    To those who perceived a note of intellectual snobbishness (due to my school affiliation): Looking back and reading my original post together with my response, I can see your point. Please take in mind that I did write the two about a week apart and that they weren’t originally intended to be read together. I later grouped them that way so that those who actually cared about my argument could have clarifications in the same place, rather than having to search for them amongst hundreds of comments. That however is no excuse. So to clarify, I truly do not think I am better because I go to Stanford. Sorry it seemed that way.

    To those who insist that TFM is satire: Satire is “1) a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn; 2) trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). I don’t think TFMs are posted with the intention of holding up vices to ridicule or scorn. That is just my perception though.

    To those who believe I am criticizing their lifestyle: My purpose was to criticize a website, not criticize YOU. That being said if you are someone who believes strongly in the tenants that I believe TFM perpetuates, then I guess I am critical of your lifestyle. I also want to take this opportunity to clarify that I have no problem with women who aspire towards traditional roles. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a stay at home wife or mother. I do, however, believe there is something wrong with saying that ALL women should ONLY aspire to fulfill traditional roles. I would also have a problem if someone were to say that no women should be stay at home wives or mothers. It just so happens that the first one is much more prevalent in life, in general, and on the TFM site. What a woman does with her life is her choice; no one, including myself, should tell her otherwise.

  187. Manuel Chrysofratras says:

    Holocaust jokes are funny.

  188. Southern Fratster says:

    You’re such a fucking loser Sasha. Do you really have no other life than to spend your time writing garbage and cross your fingers hoping that people will comment on it?
    You probably read them in your bed while you finger your hairy ass cunt and hope you can one day get with one of us Southern frat boys with a big trust fund.

    From the desperate sounds of it, you’re probably a chink trying to have white babies because your eyes are too tight and you’re hoping to honor your father by making him proud. My advice, shut the fuck up whore. No one cares about you. Stop reading the website that is intended for real Greek life students. Get back to your Obama-voting, hippie gay ass liberal life. You’re such a dumb bitch. Next time you’re in Alabama, you can suck my dick and learn how to make good sandwiches, two things a real proper lady should know how to do.

  189. Leave it says:

    Hey Sasha,
    I understand what you are saying, and I think this has been blown way out of proportion. I have to say I hope your major is journalism because you seem to have a knack of picking subjects that upset people. There’s a difference in how things are seen all over the country; you just seem to have picked the one of the worst subjects possible, because no matter what you write it’s wrong. I have to point out and this may seem like a no brainer, this blog post is going to haunt you for years. Always consider all possible consequences, before posting, or publishing anything even if your mentors have read it. Go from one end of the spectrum to the other and consider the pros and cons of everyone’s opinion. After that forget about it and in 4 months go back and check it. By then you can only hope it will be a distant memory.
    And my last thought for you is this. Something’s you can’t take back the only way this can be good for you is if you want to be a journalist; but remember that a large amount of news papers in the U.S. are run by non Greeks however the majority are owned by once upon a time Greeks who take pleasure in archaic things. (Moral: Consider all repercussions before you post)

  190. Fratbear says:

    1. I love how everyone keeps saying the stuff on TFM is a joke. Keep that going, it cracks me up.
    2. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. Jersey Shore is retarded so I don’t watch it. Not a hard concept especially for a girl who goes to Stanford. (that was a joke so no need to blog about it)
    3. The person above me who is telling you how big of an idiot you are for posting this definitely nailed it on the head. You’re an idiot.
    4. @ Manuel whatever your name is- Yes, hilarious. Just like dead baby jokes
    5. You have to understand that 95% of the stuff on TFM is real. I know I do ridiculous amounts of blow, sleep with disgusting amounts of slampieces, have a huge trustfund and haze the shit out of pledges. Just kidding i don’t have a huge trustfund.

    Fratbear, Out

  191. Josh says:

    @Leave it–I’m not sure I understand your comment. In what way is this blog post “wrong” or going to “haunt” the author? What repercussions are you talking about? Sasha has presented her opinion, and it has merit. The commenters on this post who resort to ad hominem attacks have no merit and just make Sasha look much more intelligent. If anything, this article should show that Sasha has a valid point of view and is willing to stand up for herself and her arguments even in the face of astounding and extraordinarily undignified vitriol.

    As for the last point of your comment–that most major newspapers are run by Greeks and therefore Sasha will not get a job–I find this horribly disturbing. To rephrase your point, you are saying that the culture of fraternities is such that if anyone dares to criticize them they will be blacklisted. I doubt this is the case. Assuming it is, however, it would prove that we live in a society that is intolerant of basic personal freedoms that serve as the basis for the American way of life. If that’s the case, then the Greek system, and America as a whole, have far more problems than just those that Sasha pointed out in the article.

  192. bordeauxbabe says:

    frat frat frat frat frat!!

  193. Big Dubya says:

    The whole point of the website is to:

    1) make fun of GDIs
    2) piss off stupid California “know-it-all” libs like you, and
    3) show everyone how hard we frat

    I’m sorry Sasha that you probably got into a bottom-tier sorority at Stanford. Don’t try to make up for it with an idiotic, “academic” rant about an anonymous website that’s designed to be over the top and that feeds upon its esoteric attitudes…

    Try to overcome insecurities by acting smart=NF
    Pissing off libs=FAF


  194. STFU and go away says:

    I am sick and lying in bed with nothing to do except search the web and I came across this blog post and its shit well of responses. And because I have nothing else to do while tainted with the common cold, I’m gonna respond and I don’t care what you say about it (or me).

    Sasha- I want to like you, as you seem like a nice person, but this post was a mistake and you’re responses are self contradictory. You shouldn’t have responded in the first place to these butt fucking frats. Just because you go to Stanford doesn’t mean you can’t make a dumb move.

    To the butt fucking frats- Why the fuck are you wasting your time? Most of TFM is a joke and clearly Sasha didn’t get it. She probably won’t get it. You’re all also self contradictory as you didn’t need to respond let alone read her blog. Especially considering it was intended for STANFORD STUDENTS.

    You know what really annoys me? All the dumbass sorority girls who responded on this thing.

  195. NF. says:

    think of TFM as inside jokes for southern frat daddies and the occasional sorostitute.
    if you’re “outside” the group (GDI, Californialib, Yankee) stay off it. Then you have nothing to be disgusted by.

  196. PAC 10 SUCKS says:

    Sasha likes black guys

  197. CA Sororstitute says:

    I totally agree with NF-TFM is funny and appealing precisely because it’s so esoteric… anyone outside of a really, really specific subculture of America that only 5% of the population probably understands and finds resonant will be able to contribute and empathize with postings on the site. I’m from CA, but I come from an old Southern family with generations of Greek legacy. To me, TFM is hilarious because it’s like the one place on the internet I’ve seen these stereotypes I’ve grown up around (but never really part of-I imagine it’s funnier to someone actually living in the culture) but never seen articulated in such a biting, in your face, way (and especially never online). It’s a culture with a lot of flaws, but also a lot of idiosyncracies, values, and traditions that I and many others fiercely love. NONE of my GDI friends (even ones who are actually Greek here in CA, but not really in touch with Southern fratting) really “get” the website. Most of them don’t even know what Norts are. There just isn’t a lot of familiarity with the culture that TFM is poking fun in broader American society. And that’s totally fine, except in the internet the geographic and socioeconomic barriers that usually separate people who would appreciate the posts on TFM and those who wouldn’t don’t exist. The sheer accessibility of TFM is part of what makes it fun-it connects this very specific world in new and exciting ways-but also means that the culture is fully exposed to criticism from outsiders who aren’t quite in on the joke (or able to discern which parts are actually a joke, and which parts are just total jackasses somehow getting their stuff posted).
    Sasha’s critiques are well-intentioned if perhaps overly officious; still, they seem most important in that they reflect the fact that the end of the day TFM is an “insider’s” website about a storied and exclusive culture, strangely published in an extraordinarily non-exclusive medium (online). If you don’t want the very people whose values and culture many posters on TFM define themselves by being in opposition to (liberals, the huddled masses, dirty Californians, manufacturers of cargo shorts) to access the website and evaluate it without the same cultural context that you insiders have, maybe someone should set a security question or something on the website (suggestions: “What does the ‘E’ in Robert E. Lee stand for?”; “how many pairs of Topsiders are too many?”; “When does duck season start?”). Otherwise, a culture of exclusivity parading its exclusiveness in a public space is just a recipe for misunderstanding.

    As a side note: to the people who are resulting to virulent misogyny, crude language, racial slurs, Nazi metaphors, etc. to attack the author of this post… learn some manners. Being a classless asshole is sooo NF.

  198. Ralph Lauren Brolo says:

    This discussion will now be continued over at:

    Thanks guys!

  199. General Sherman says:

    Reading TFM and the responses on here convinces me that the Yankees should have exterminated all your ancestors during the Civil War.

    Do you think being such arrogant snot-nosed douchebags will make the undecided and neutral want any part of Greek life?

    What about elite schools that want no part of Greek life like Rice or Notre Dame?
    WHY would they think Greek life could bring anything POSITIVE to their institutions?

    How do you expect to GROW the Greek community when you come off as bunch of misanthropic, sadistic convicts that resemble Lord of the Flies?
    WHY would any college administrator want that plague to invade their campus?

    Since the South is so superior to everyone else, then why the fuck do you even have chapters outside of the south? Why are there so called “Southern Fraternities like SAE, Sig Ep, Sigma Nu, and Kappa Sig with tons of chapters in California, including STANFORD? It couldn’t possibly be due to some facade of national “brotherhood”. You are just like Wal-Mart, you go EVERYWHERE you can to make a quick buck. It is all about quantity, not your warped fascist version of “quality”!

    Since you are so much better and vastly superior to those outside of the South, then please close all your non-Southern chapters, if you want to preserve the “wholesomeness” of your Greek culture.

    At least Kappa Alpha Order and Phi Mu have mostly kept themselves to the South. But in a rare instance is a KA chapter at “liberal, tree hugger, snot bubbled, geed central Stanford”. WHY is it there?

    Before you respond, get off your knees and go make me a sandwich.

  200. bordeauxbabe says:

    general sherman, marry me

  201. Vineyard Vines says:

    You need to learn to live a little. The website is supposed to be stereotypical. You singed up for the stereotype the moment you got a bid, so stop complaining about how you have to defend your intelligence, rights, and political standing. It makes you sound like some stuck up journalist major that is begging for attention and praise for “exposing” a popular website. People like you are the reason I didn’t go to a school in California even though I’ve lived there all my life. Also, there’s people like California Sorostitute as well who prance around like they’re better than everyone else writing online posts like it’s their application essay for Harvard. Really, do you think anyone (well anyone with social skills) will like you if you talk to them like that? If you’re not willing to embrace the culture, do us all a favor and disaffiliate. A true sorority girl doesn’t feel the need to defend herself because what other people (especially GDI’s) think doesn’t matter. I hold my head high knowing that no matter how many geeds in life think I’m a dumb MRS degree sorority girl it doesn’t matter because the people that run this country wear vineyard vines and letters just like me.

  202. Fratwall Jackson says:

    Respectfully, I don’t think you can excuse yourself from a misstep like that simply by saying “that’s not how I meant it.” Your comment could have served no other purpose than to say what it sounded like: ‘I go to Stanford, therefore I am not dumb.’ While I’m certainly imperfect, probably more so than you, I’d rather just see you admit that everyone harbors some biased sense of geographic or demographic superiority.
    As for the above comments, many of which are just downright detestable- That kind of disrespect and (especially all the uncouth language) is neither “fratty” nor Southern.
    On a tangential note, this is only a suggestion, but it was passed along to me at my first columnists meeting for my schools paper: never comment on your own article. I made that mistake and got into a heated political debate, only to be embarrassed in a professional setting at a later time for my blunder. Just a thought.

  203. blackrepublican says:

    I’m black, and I have not seen even one racist post on TFM. And if you’re talking about the refrences to Obama? Who cares? Everyone has their own opinion. I didn’t even vote for him. You’re making California look really pathetic.

  204. a says:

    it really is like that here at ua. and blackrepublican, maybe check out the recent race “issues” at nearly every sec school…

  205. Raddy Sorority says:

    I don’t know Sasha, sounds like you need to lighten up. I am in a sorority and ya they joke on us all the time there and I got myself a “frat daddy” and he posts TFM to my FB all the time. AND IT IS FUNNY. We don’t take it personally hell me and my sisters posts TFM to each other. Whether you like it or not there is ALWAYS going to be a stereotype for Greek Life and instead of being like wahhh no we aren’t we are making fun of ourselves first. SOOOO BACK OFF. We as a Greek Community probably have sponsored more charities and benefited more people than you ever had sitting on you stanford but writing rant columns.

  206. AEKDB says:

    You sound like you’re bitter from dating Sig eps and Pikes.

    California – NF.

    Me to this article? TFTC

  207. Anon says:

    cry more stanfurd girl

  208. Max says:

    If you like totalfratmove, you’ll also like Think TFM meets AMERICA.

  209. MFC says:

    I love how people responding to this editorial are purporting that the South is somehow “superior” to every other region of the country? Statistics would suggest otherwise….

    I find it, if possible, even MORE amusing that you people are so horrified that someone would criticize TFM…it might be “just a joke” but very few people outside the Southern dumbass community think racism and misogyny are funny. Jokes like this are destructive and disgusting. Maybe that’s why there is never any progress in the South. A bunch of obese, stupid, trashy people with horrible style.

  210. PostGradFratty says:

    Blogging about a joke website on an “unofficial” website = NF.
    Sitting back with some good bourbon and a cigar while laughing at a website clearly designed for humor = FAF.

    It should be noted that the West Coast/East Coast insulting the South for generalizing the West Coast/East Coast and then doing EXACTLY the same thing to the South is hilarity at its best. Perhaps you all should make a site so one of “our kind” can literally interpret it on their “unofficial blog”, cause “we’re just all so darn stupid down here”.

  211. Evan says:

    I find it amusing all the greeks up in arms posting angry hate filled comments at the author that validate everything that she wrote in this article. By the way, my dad didn’t pay for my friends using his plantation funds, I think for myself and don’t vote Republican because the friends that my dad purchased tell me to, I don’t drive an SUV and live in a faceless southern suburb, I have a huge bank account that I earned by myself (not a trust fund), I respect women, I dress and think independently, and I partied harder while earning my Master’s Degree than any of you cookie cutter greek clones that buy your way through life with your parents plantation money.

    Individuality sure is great.

  212. Lenea says:

    Thank you, Sasha. This blog post pretty much sums up my entire view of TFM. It’s absurd and ridiculous.
    I have to agree, a majority of these comments completely reiterate exactly what Sasha is talking about.
    Although I occasionally find a decent joke from TFM, it’s “jokes” and “sarcasm” like TFM and TSM that make sexism and generic prejudice still acceptable today.
    I was born and raised in the South and still live here. I’m a member of one of the largest sororities. I’m a Democrat. I’m a feminist. The frat parties I attended ranked much lower on the wild side than the parties I attended with my non-Greek friends. Yes, my parents paid for my college degree, but they’re still middle class. I landed a full-time job within two months of graduating thanks to the connections I had with non-Greek friends. It’s pretty obvious that I don’t fit the social norm for a southern sorority member.
    It gets pretty frustrating when you realize you’re one of the few Greek members of your university who actually has decent respect for anyone different than yourself.

  213. Too Frat To Function says:

    Sounds like someone needs to get laid, lighten up, and get back in the goddamn kitchen. It also seems quite apparent that your sorority is most likely a Biology Club or something ridiculous. Real fraternity and sorority members do not have the time to sit down and write an article condemning a hilarious website. We are too busy with philanthropy, community service, and yes, raging our asses off. Please, for the love of all sororities and fraternities everywhere, do not associate yourself with the fine Greek associations across our country. We are held to a higher standard, which also requires realizing that such a website is meant to entertain and be quite hilarious. By the way, odds are that zero fucks are given about your opinion.

  214. SoCal Guy says:

    First, off, the term “sorostitute” is probably the most offensive thing I’ve ever read. Well, that and “slampieces.” I cannot believe that so many sorority members commented on this STANFORD blog saying “honey,” and proceeding to tell Sasha that you indeed love making sandwiches and pleasing your “fratdaddies.” I sincerely hope you are all joking. My sister was in a sorority at Johns Hopkins, which by the way IS below the Mason Dixon Line, and I’m sure that she would wholeheartedly agree with most if not all of what Sasha has said. I do however, think that the sending a message to their schools comment was a mistake, though completely true. I may be a liberal from true blue Los Angeles, but these misogynistic comments about “learning to suck dick” are disgusting. Leave this outspoken California girl alone. I sure as hell hope I get to attend school with her next year, and watch Stanford dominate the SEC.

    Also, how is Sasha a pornstar name?


  215. Professional Fraternity Man says:

    These comments are almost as depressing as TFM itself. Greek life is in a sad state of affairs these days. I’ll never be a “frat” guy, but a fraternity man. Most of you using TFM language sound like idiots.

  216. Dara says:

    Hi Sasha,

    I just read your extremely well-written and insightful article and even though it was written three years ago, I thank you. I was just about to breeze past to another article when I started reading the comments. They are extremely scary. I can’t believe that there are people like that.

    Come to Europe! I can say with some certainty that people are not like that.


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