Ben Linus is coming to campus.

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The last few people I told this to gave me blank stares. Naturally, I was incredulous. So maybe I’m geeking out a little too much considering I missed a couple seasons of LOST here and there, but I am pretty excited about actor Michael Emerson’s visit. He is coming as a part of Film and Philosophy II, a two-day event being held on campus this weekend. His interview, entitled “The Philosophy of Lost”, is on Saturday at 6PM in Cubberly. Fans and critics alike should try to see him. Maybe you’ll get a chance to ask any burning questions you still have about the show.

The Film and Philosophy II conference will have a number of interesting talks, including “Countering the Ballad of Co-Dependency: The Realistic Spirit of David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Comics and the Critique of Chrono-Photography”. See the event’s site for the full schedule.

Here’s a quick list of other film events this week on campus:

David Wojnarowicz

  • Listening to Film Sound: Screening, Lecture, and Q&A with Mark Berger. Cubberly 7pm. Late notice, I know.
  • Art Censorship Issues: A Screening of David Wojnarowicz‘s “Fire in My Belly” and Panel Discussion. Wednesday 5pm in Annenberg Auditorium
  • Winter 2011 Turkish Film Series: The Bandit (Eskiya). Wednesday 7pm in the Bechtel International Assembly Room
  • “Freedom Riders” Documentary Film by Stanley Nelson. Thursday 7pm in Annenberg Auditorium

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