Lions and Prowls and Burglars – Oh My!

Posted by at 7:30PM

These signs are littered around campus, telling us to be more careful with our possessions. With 3 burglaries and one attempted assault, leaving dorm room doors unlocked is no longer an option.

So like many other people today, I got an email stating that if I were to go to the golf course or around Lake Lagunita I should stay alert to for mountain lions. A lion. For me this was pretty much the icing on the cake of all the safety warnings we’ve been getting lately. In the good ol’ days of Fall Quarter it was okay to be a little freaked out about potential bike theft and the raccoons that eat garbage around campus. But ever since we arrived back on campus for the current quarter, students now have to fear people breaking into their rooms or trying assault them as they walk back to their dorm. It seems like all the jokes about Antoine Dodson aren’t so funny anymore. Stanford officially has bed intruders.

Our wonderful campus security initially responded with well-placed warning signs in dining halls and on various doors. But it seems that the campus has finally increased security. Apparently the current security level is as high as it was over winter break.

Hopefully soon I won’t jump at somebody coming around a corner when I’m walking back to my dorm late at night. Or no longer fear mountain lions when I take a walk around Lake Lag. Hopefully nothing else will add to the list of petty crime that’s sweeping across our lovely bubble. I mean, it’s Stanford – we’re safe. Right?



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