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They weren't very sensitive to his size. Can we do better for students?

We know a lot about the Stanford student body: their average SAT scores, breakdown by race, gender balance, majors, attitudes towards alcohol. Although there’s a lot of useful information here, I think there’s something missing that every club, every recruiting company, and every organization that comes to campus would love to know: our t-shirt sizes.

It’s a serious problem. I know a lot of groups that refuse to deal with the problem and ensure that everyone is equally dissatisfied by only getting XL shirts. Although it does mean I have a lifetime supply of nightshirts, these aren’t things I would ever wear around. And groups that try inevitably run out of the sizes that people actually need. For example, handing out Red Zone shirts at football games has been a mess every time every year.

The solution seems pretty simple: add another question to the approaching stanford material that all incoming frosh need to fill out. After being asked about your tidiness, sleep hours, neuroticism, weight you can squat lift, handwriting legibility, and sense of vengeance, it doesn’t seem weird to put down a t-shirt size as well. This information can easily be published online for anyone to use to get the right t-shirt sizes.

By the way, we’re making t-shirts. So that we get an accurate sample, if you’re a Stanford student, please indicate your t-shirt size (adult sizes).

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2 Responses to “Student T-Shirt Sizes”

  1. Small says:

    One thing I’ve noticed: Smalls run out first -every time-, there are always too many extra larges and above.

  2. Medium says:

    I always notice a shortage of mediums [media?]. Everybody wants a medium!


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