This Week in Stanford 1/16/11-1/22/11

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And this post comes a little late again, so my apologies. At least that means I had such a great weekend that I forgot about it until now. Here are a few links to take a look at:

  • Stanford’s King Institute continues to support programs in honor of MLK Jr., and MLK Day is always a good reminder of not only his work, but also of groups like this
  • Peter Thiel, BA ’89 JD ’92, has started a fellowship for entrepreneurial teenagers, with the assumption that they’ll drop out
  • According to Klout, Stanford has the biggest influence among colleges on Twitter. This surprises me a little as I don’t think Twitter is big among students still
  • Stanford has another claim to #1: application fees. Apparently, Stanford is not content only to get money from alumni on their way out after school but also wants to get applicants on their way in. Thank goodness for the discounts in-between while a student
  • Stanford is offering Palo Alto a large sum in benefits to get approval for new medical expansions
  • Laura Carstensen, director of the Center on Longevity, is quoted in a story about a 2nd shot for surburban malls as the population gets older


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