TUSGraph: LectuRING

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It’s been a rough start to the quarter, kids. My classes have already been disrupted twelve times by cell phones, with the distribution shown above. I’m fairly sure all the emails and texts were on iPhones so they were easily identified, and I assumed it was a call if it was any extended ringtone. Of course, the phone call is the most embarrassing by an order of magnitude for three reasons:

1. You undoubtedly have the weirdest ringtone. No, no one else understands that it is the main theme from the soundtrack of your favorite Bollywood film.

2. Text and email notifications are a simple beep sometimes with a nice background vibration, but calls can last for thirty seconds. Plenty of time to figure out exactly where the offender is sitting.

3. As a result of 1 and 2, the offender scrambles like they are disarming a bomb to turn off their phones. My favorite is either when they frantically open all the pockets of their bag looking for it, or when they almost fall out of their seat trying to get it out of their pants pocket quickly.

Last quarter, someone even listened to a voicemail in one of my small lectures. Appalling.

And for the record, my phone as never gone off in class. Indication of responsible phone etiquette, or lack of friends? You decide.

(Sorry if the icon plot is a bit ridiculous. I’m trying to experiment with different graph styles this quarter.)



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