Arrillaga University at Palo Alto: Figure 1

Posted by at 12:21AM

The East Campus Dining Commons apparently has a new name. Now, “I’m going to Arrillaga” can mean you are either working out or doing exactly the opposite. (H/T Ellen at the Daily for the photo)

Never heard of this Arrillaga before. Is he a donor?


3 Responses to “Arrillaga University at Palo Alto: Figure 1”

  1. Dave says:

    He’s slowly creeping across campus!

  2. Crystal says:

    And ECDC flowed so well….

  3. F arrillaga says:

    @Crystal we could always integrate “ECDC” into the “Stanford lingo.” I’m going to call it that and hope it catches on. I’m sick of seeing his name everywhere. (It’s absurd some of the BS that he’s tried to pull with the administration in getting what he wants, e.g. trying to un-house Phi Psi for no reason, in favor of his own frat.)


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