Laugh It Up: Stanford’s Comedy Takes the Stage

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With finals just around the corner, laughs are a much needed commodity on campus.  And while that witty pun your Chem TA pulled about how you’ll all “polymer-ace the course” is well and good, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals…er, professionals-in-training.

So what’s on the menu in terms of Stanford comedy?  Quite a bit actually.

Stand Up Comedy Competition, Friday, Feb. 25

Saunter on over to Toyon at 8pm to see the Campus-wide Stand Up Comedy Competition, hosted by Spiked Punchline.  It’s free and any student can enter, so whether you are laughing histerically with them or at them, it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.  Not to mention that if you stay to the end, the audience gets to vote on who should be the winners who advance on to the National College Comedy Competition hosted by Rooftop Comedy.

And as a reminder, Spiked Punchline also hosts a monthly Comedy Night at the Coho on Tuesday night from 8pm-10pm.

The Pillowman, Thursday, Feb. 24 – Sunday, Feb. 26

And for you fans of the darker side of comedy, a student production of The Pillowman, produced by Nathaniel Nelson, is showing through Sunday.  I can’t tell you too much about what happens, but apparently it involved child murder (that may not sound funny, but don’t even pretend you’ve never told a dead baby joke).  Tickets are $5 at the door.

Showtimes are:

Thursday Feb. 23 at 8pm
Friday Feb. 24 at 8pm, 12 am (midnight)
Saturday Feb 25 at 2pm AND 8pm
Sunday, Feb 26th at 2pm

at Prosser Studio Theater

Robber Barons’ Winter Show, March 3-5

The ever-amusing Robber Barons Sketch Comedy group will be putting on their winter show, Escape from LOLcatraz! on March 3, 4, and 5 at 8pm.  You can reserve your tickets online and the show is free for Stanford students!

SIMPS End of Quarter Performance, Friday, Mar. 11 and Saturday, Mar. 12

Not to be outdone, the Stanford Improvisors or SIMPS will be putting on the their end of quarter performance, Les SIMPerables, on March 11 & 12 in Pigott Theater. They’ll be having four shows: 8pm and 10pm on each night.



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