Marguerite Shuffle

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The wonderfully diverse, but annoyingly complex  Marguerite shuttle service is getting a makeover! Starting tomorrow, they will switch from 14 to 18 services and will offer many new “Limited” peak hour services on the most popular routes.

I’m happy that Parking and Transportation Services is responding to  comments and suggestions from 2010, but unless I’m a misguided sophomore and they do this every year, changing all the names to all of the most well known routes seems a little excessive. Line A is now Line X and Line Y. Line B is Line X Counter Clockwise and Line Y Clockwise (yes, they decided it would be better if these two lines for some reason went in opposite directions.) Line C will still exist, but it won’t be itself. And those are just the biggest changes.

Most undergraduates will be pleased to hear that they’re doing very little to our beloved Shopping Express – they’re just taking out that teeny little extra loop around San Antonio Road. Meaning, when you fail to chase down the bus from Trader Joe’s it really will be gone from now on. But for everyone else that depends on the Marguerite, I can’t imagine this being an easy adjustment.

Is it just me, or is one of these arrows pointing in the wrong direction?

The Marguerite has always been confusing. They call stops on the same street two different things depending on which side you’re on. There are no labels at the the stops themselves – they just tell which buses will come there.  I’m curious as to whether all this change will make things better or worse. I wanted to grab a few things from Target this weekend so I looked up times for the shuttle. If it hadn’t been for that little check I wouldn’t have heard anything. A complete overhaul is about to occur and I’m not sure how many people know about it.

So, if you take the Marguerite – good luck with the new changes. My head was spinning from just reading about them. Here are the final two opportunities to ply P&TS with questions before things go underway tomorrow. Happy shuttling!


2 Responses to “Marguerite Shuffle”

  1. Gigi says:

    Anyone else see that the new Marguerite signs spell N O SE X ?

    Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Crystal says:

    Confusion and subliminal messages – thanks, Stanford.


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