Teach Me How to Dougie, or How to be a Hip-Hop Star

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Call me three months late, but I just noticed a pattern.

Remember the Soulja Boy dance?

Well in case you forgot…

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Yeah, that Soulja Boy dance.  The one that everybody knew, that they played at that dance in high school and that even people who didn’t like to dance danced to and it was ridiculous?  The one that even Dwight Howard loves?

Well did you ever notice how that song is really simple and reprtitive, but the dance moves are really easy for anyone to dance to? Pay attention to that.

Because as a girl from the 909 (we’re not all bros and bro-hoes down there), I knew about Jerkin’ before it was a thing.  These San

But hey, do me a favor, call me jerk one more time!

Bernardino county natives (just east of LA, where the real schtuff goes down), followed the same recipe.  Literally, the only memorable line to this song is the title, “You’re a Jerk.”  And yet, who doesn’t know how to jerk, and how to reject (a subset of jerking), or think that the New Boyz look frickin cool in their video.

And now, Jerkin’ is it’s own movement.  Yet they seemed to have followed the same pattern.

And now, Teach Me How to Dougie, by the Cali Swag District.  Maybe I’m just bitter that my sister in Utah heard about this dance before I did, but it seems like anyone in skinny jeans and an over-sized t-shirt can be a star now-a-days.  Just come up with a catch phrase and a simple dance that even nerds can’t mess up, and you’ve got it.

And maybe this post is too LA for this hyphy territory, but I think we should all jump on this path to stardom.

And because I can, let me just close with this video:

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Because even Willow Smith knows what’s up.  Although having Will Smith for a father can’t hurt.


One Response to “Teach Me How to Dougie, or How to be a Hip-Hop Star”

  1. Adri says:

    Boom, sis! Utah knows what’s up!! And no, I will not teach you how to Dougie. Quit asking.


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