This Week in Stanford 1/30/11-2/05/11

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While the rest of the US is freezing over, Stanford seems to quite nice, especially for the rainy season. Here’s where Stanford has popped up in the news this past week:

  • Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS) held a workshop where they demonstrated how row houses might harvest rainwater. Even this effort is unlikely to render the row houses dry
  • Joel Beinin, history professor, has been quoted significantly over the past week, including this Salon interview, for his knowledge of the history of US-Egypt relations in light of the protests there
  • Marc Levoy, computer science professor, has made an iPhone app, SynthCam, to simulate the shallow depth of field typically only in larger cameras
  • Stanford apparently has valet bike parking at football games to encourage people to bike to the games. This is surprising to me for 2 reasons. First, students are going to fill it up, and they’ll bike anyways. Two, I had no idea there was valet bike parking. I knew they did the parking areas, but not this much
  • Mohan Srivastava, alum, figured out how to game lottery tickets
  • Caltrain is considering cutting stops, including the seasonal one for Stanford football games

One Response to “This Week in Stanford 1/30/11-2/05/11”

  1. Bernadette says:

    What about valet bike parking all over the city’s really busy areas instead of just valet parking during football games? For example, busy restaurants. Then again, maybe that’s a bit unnecessary.

    Maybe another way to solve bike parking congestion (not just during football games but in general in busy spaces) is by having bike shares like the ones discussed here ( ). If people only “own” the bikes when they need them for errands and trips, then they don’t have to worry about the hassle of locking their bikes up at home, thus decreasing the number of bikes just out on the street when their owners are not using them. Frees up more space for other people!


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