This Week in Stanford 2/21/11-2/27/11

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Let’s catch up on the week:

  • Stacey Bent, chemical engineering professor, is working on research for solar cells using quantum dots. They apparently also add something called SAM (not the Sam you might associate with the word “quantum”)
  • The remodeled Stanford Hospitals are getting an assist from Ron Johnson, the guy behind Apple Stores. Stanford medical is announcing that in addition to accepting payment via your typical healthcare (or soon, your ObamaCare), they will also now be accepting AppleCare
  • Joe Chen, Stanford MBA, is IPOing with the Chinese social networking site Renren. His story parallels Mark Zuckerberg’s in many ways, though he was inspired by a girl wearing Harvard underwear
  • Dana Paquin, PhD ’07 and director of the math program of EPGY, submitted a few problems for Numberplay
  • Zhenan Bao, chemical engineering professor, is making stretchable, solar cell, sensitive artificial skin. The important question, however, is: is it sensitive to chafing?
  • Carrie Lemack, BS ’97 MBA ’04, is the executive producer for “Killing in the Name,” a documentary about Ashraf al-Khaled, who’s worked actively against terrorism since a suicide bomber attacked his wedding
  • GSB professors apparently came up with the term BHAG, or big hairy audacious goals. This is perhaps a description of trying to remove hair from a shower drain
  • The Peninsula Press has a piece on Stanford owning discoveries or inventions made using Stanford resources. Although this blog only exists using Stanford resources, I think they might be willing to pass us up based on the quality of our (or at least my) product

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  1. Brett says:

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