This Week in Stanford 2/6/11-2/13/11

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Having missed enough Saturdays recently, I’m bumping this feature to Sundays. Expect it to shift to Mondays next quarter when I get even lazier. So, here’s what happened in the past 8 days:

  • Sam Woodward ’12 was interviewed by the Morning Swim Show about her swimming career here at Stanford
  • Sally Ride, former astronaut and 4-time Stanford degree earner, spoke at Cal about making science cool in public education
  • According to this article at WSJ, Stanford has been pushing hard to recruit top-notch student-athletes and has been successful. Look forward to our recruits next year
  • An engineering team with researchers both from Stanford and EPFL have developed a new type of thin-film solar cells inspired by waffles. They clearly were not inspired by the waffles in the dining halls, or else the cells would have Stanford trees in the middle
  • Ricardo Dolmetsch and his team have published a paper on developing mini hearts to use as models for studying heart problems
  • The New York Times has a feature on Andrew Luck ’12 and his decision to stay here at Stanford. Put me down for being against the use of seat-bagging as the wrapper for the story


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