TUSB Redesigned!

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For all of you reading remotely, I recommend you click through to check out the new design for The Unofficial Stanford Blog. The last site design lasted for about a year, but we wanted to move to a more open, minimalist style. The functionality is largely the same, but here are a few of the big changes:

  • Our header is all new. We wanted to move some of the content out of the sidebar up into the header to add more space on the right
  • The background has gone white. We’re suckers for what’s trendy in web design, and we wanted to get rid of stuff. Hopefully the site feels less noisy now
  • We’ve added a few more buttons on posts for tweeting and general social media links. Beyond general exposure, we also want to have tighter integration with social media, so click away at those
  • We’ll be starting a regular email digest of our content, so if you’re not already following us on an RSS feed or somewhere else, subscribe for that, too. Link either here or in the upper-right

If you have any comments on the redesign, feel free to let us know either below or in email at stanfordblogging@gmail.com. We’ll take positive comments and criticism, and if there are any features that are now missing or that you would like to see us add, or if you find any of the bugs that I’m certain ended up in there, let know about that, too. We’re flexible with changing the design, and if you have some ideas, we would love to hear them.

The last thing for this post is to thank the people who worked on this redesign. Josh tirelessly pushed for and worked through the redesign, and absolutely deserves credit for making it happen. Justin, our aesthetician, is responsible for why the site looks so much better than the last one, and without him, we very easily could’ve made things worse. Kristi will likely be taking over responsibility for maintaining the tech side of the blog, and she already helped out a ton on making the changes to the site.

I hope you like it! Let us know what you think.


5 Responses to “TUSB Redesigned!”

  1. Josh says:

    And major props to Kevin, the ever humble master technician, for putting in a ton of work to help make this redesign happen.

  2. Student says:

    Isn’t this the same layout as the Review?

  3. Josh says:

    @Student: Nope–we designed and coded this entirely ourselves. While our redesigned site does look more like the Review site than our old site does, it is in no way the same design. Most sites are moving towards a more minimalist style because it looks clean and is easy to read, which I think both our redesign and the Review site do.

  4. Kristi says:

    @Josh’s first comment: hear, hear! Kevin is a web ninja and is taking way less credit than he deserves.

  5. sush says:

    hey! great job!
    but the header looks a li’l congested …


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