TUSB’s 2011 Spring Course Guide

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Given the hectic nature of winter quarter, you might be so overwhelmed with this quarter’s classes that you haven’t had a chance to figure out classes for next quarter.  Have no fear, TUSB is here!

The following lists include courses for even the most insatiable appetite, whether you’re looking for enriching courses in the sciences, arts, or humanities.  Hoping to check off that GER or pick up that eleventh or twelfth unit?  We can help you out, too.

Here’s to making this spring quarter the most academically exciting one yet!

Exploring the arts:

Meme overload? Now you can study up on the replication fad in pop culture.

The Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts has produces some really cool Creativity Course Guides.  Check out the full selection here.  My personal favorites are below.

The obligatory requirement-satisfiers:

To peruse the full listing, you can check out the Registrar’s listing of spring GER-fulfillers here.  But I’ve done some snooping so you can check out some of the snazziest ones right here at your fingertips.

Dance outreach: washboard abs are a possible side effect.Saving the world!

Save the world!

Be epic.  Get credit for it.  The Haas Center provides course credit for dozens of once-in-a-lifetime community service opportunities.  Talk about a win-win situation!

Bond.  James, Bond.

The Stanford classes you should take if you’re aspiring to become a secret agent.

Tear up the sand volleyball courts like Stanford alum Kerri Walsh!

Makin’ banana pancakes, pretending it’s the weekend

So you can’t get credits for Camp Stanford-ing it up.  But here are some super-fun classes that come darn close.

Citizens of the world

Things the responsible member of the 21st century should know about.

Call me a fangirl, but I plan on taking every class Professor Powers ever teaches. He's the man.

The canonical Stanford classes

What you have to take before graduating.  But really.


Because some classes are just so cool that they transcend categorization.


2 Responses to “TUSB’s 2011 Spring Course Guide”

  1. Steven says:

    Gotta give a shout out to one of my all-time favorites: NBIO101: Social and Ethical Issues in the Neurosciences. Accessible to most anybody, it’ll be the most quality 2-4 units of class discussion and AMAZING guest lecturers you’ll find at Stanford.

  2. Steph says:

    LOVE seeing Tobin on this list. He’s the man. Everyone should take his other class, Script Analysis (105)–you watch and analyze the scripts of movies like Toy Story, Ghostbusters, Double Indemnity… Screenwriting (101) is for people that have taken some creative writing classes, but I hear it’s also amazing!!


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