Kappa Sig Gets the Boot

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Tonight, Kappa Sigma lost its housing for next year.

Campus officials originally placed Kappa Sigma on alcohol and party suspension last October after the fraternity was accused of violating Stanford’s Controlled Substances and Alcohol Policy. The event in question occurred during New Student Orientation, a “dry” week. However, though the Stanford chapter kept its charter after the Kappa Sigma national conference, the fraternity still had to pass a University review process.

Kappa Sig will remain on campus until the end of the academic year. There is an appeals process that, according to a former president of the fraternity, Kappa Sig “fully intends to pursue.”


3 Responses to “Kappa Sig Gets the Boot”

  1. Julie says:

    drama! anybody care to speculate on what kind of dorm it’ll turn into next year– house a currently unhoused frat or just become a row house like 680?

  2. Halsey says:

    I heard that the house would become ZAP, and then ZAP would become ChiO so that ChiO could be housed and be in the Cowell cluster with all the other sororities. Anyone know if that’s true?

  3. A Stanford Chi O says:


    that’s just a rumor. i’m a member of Chi Omega, and can tell you now that we are not definitively getting a house. Stanford could easily turn Kappa Sig’s house into another self-op or theme house. If they did open the house for applications, I’m sure Chi O would apply– IF our app was accepted, it might be the case that the house would move to Cowell. But honestly, we don’t really know anything yet because the University has not announced anything or said anything about this. totally up in the air at this point.

    hope this helps clear up some confusions!

    also feel horrible for my friends in Kappa Sig :(


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