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And spam is in my inbox. Welcome back to the Farm.

It’s that time of year again folks: Spring Quarter. That glorious time when, regardless of how cold it is, people are sunbathing because the sun’s out. That time when we all just slack off the tiniest bit because you’d rather play out on the Oval. Our school actually looks the way its portrayed in our brochure. It’s beautiful.

But it’s also a hot mess in email account. Despite efforts by the ASSU and individual efforts among dorm staffs, people use their dorm chat lists for the sale of their textbooks and other items.

Honestly, this really has nothing to do with Spring Quarter (I just like to keep thinking about how pretty it is outside). It’s a recurring problem that sprouts up at the beginning and end of every quarter. Its annoying. It’s obnoxious. And its brilliant.

The reason why students will continue to send out sale emails on their chat-lists is because it’s inadvertant advertising. If you want to read your email (which you really can’t escape doing at this school) you have to also read about the iPad, futon, and Math 51 book that people are trying to foist off on others. Even though the Book Exchange is relatively easy to explore, there’s nothing easier than seeing that one random email that’s selling the perfect book. These emails have actually saved me quite a few bucks in the past.

So while I want to escape it, I can’t really see how this cycle will ever end. And I guess, do we really want it to?

How do you feel about for-sale emails on your chat list?

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One Response to “SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!”

  1. Dave says:

    They’re annoying, sure. But I’m guilty of peddling my old books via chat lists, so I can’t really complain.

    Stanford just really needs some sort of centralized book swap site that everyone commits to using. I think once there’s a single destination with everyone participating, the chat list spam would taper off.


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