Stanford men’s swimming is at it again… and again… and again….

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Splish, splash, Stanford's kicking some a$$....

Stanford’s men’s swimming team just won its 30th consecutive Pac 10 men’s swimming title!

This streak is unmatched by any NCAA team in any NCAA sport.  Ever.

That’s thirty years of men’s swimming dominance.  Sometimes people shrug off the Stanford sports stats, so let me give you some relevant milestones as a basis of comparison.  I wasn’t alive 30 years ago.  30 years ago we didn’t have Internet.  There had been no confirmed cases of AIDS.  Metallica wasn’t a band yet.  Walter Cronkite was still anchorman for the CBS Evening News.  Reagan was president, Margaret Thatcher was UK Prime Minister, and Sandra Day O’Connor, Stanford alumna, was about to join the Supreme Court.

That’s a long time in my book.

Number one.

Everyone knows about our dominance on the field and in the court, but I think it’s really important to recognize the athletes in the water.  Way to go, men’s swimming!!

If you’re bummed that you missed Stanford men’s swimming’s terrific season and want to support aquatic Stanford athletes, don’t worry.  You can still catch the lovely ladies of women’s water polo in their 4 p.m. game vs. UCLA on March 26th.

As always, go Cardinal!!



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